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   Chapter 43 The stalker is...

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7066

Updated: 2020-01-02 14:27

'You think it is a joke!'

'You could be on someone's target, damn it.'

'Do you even know what does this mean!'

'But you know what, Valentine! I would be the happiest person to see you dead because that is what you deserve'

"Idiot, moron, mother fucker son of a bitch, Alpha's brat baby, bloody bully bastard, I hate you!" her throat felt dry and seemingly felt like there were thorn pricking her breathing pipe with every word she spoke out in vex. Her lips were pouty, eyes slightly pinkish due to the fact that she had cried at his rudeness but any way she held the packet of chips across her tummy stuffing the potato snack in her mouth despite being angry.

The lamp light on the side table was on while the others that of the room switched off. She had the covers draping her body like a witch from the head to toe as the ends were clasped near her stomach while her arms peeking out of it as she utilised them to eat. "Can't he just pull me close and hold me tight saying 'Valen, Valen I am there. No need to worry. I will take you care' but no, he just behaved his usual self as the bully bastard. I hate him." she faked a cry whimpering along with stuffing her mouth with the chips.

Her tongue savoured the tangy taste of tomato flavoring around the baked potato chips. It left behind on her tongue a never ending taste. Valen was though worried on whatever he made her aware of after the first lecture in the corridor yet she did not stop grazing the baked snack during the late hours of the night.

The month of December has already brought along a rippling atmosphere with the grains of snow barfing in the room along the breezy air. It has started snowing lately after she returned home. Hardly has it been few hours and already the entire city was covered with the white layer of snow welcoming the Christmases joy. Although the wolves have their own set f festival they still believed in celebrating the arrival of the God of hope and peace, Jesus.

"What if I am really in danger!" she thought stressing her pea sized brain munching onto the chip loudly making a rumbling noise. She w

He had in fact spend his entire day keeping his eyes on her right after the moment he left her there, for her safety. Ryley didn't even touch a grain of food as he was too much into the matter of her safety that he seldom cares for himself.

"Perhaps it was just my delusion!" Ryley thought to himself looming around one last time before getting up.

The night was growing old and dark, there was no sign of any watcher around clearly indicating it was just his thoughts. She was all safe. "I shall go back and rest, my back hurts." he rubbed his palms together after he stretched his body wearily before taking a step ahead.

He was relieved walking back through the alley only to go to the street on the other side until his eyes welcomed a sight of a huge shadow spreading in the snowy street under the street lights. "Damn it!" Ryley's eyes stilled as the shadow grew bigger and bigger. Having shadowed himself under the darkness in the passage Ryley say behind the oil cane fixing his eyes on the shadow as it approached the front.

His heart was beating fast and bad while his body excitingly reacted at the sight of the shadow suddenly reducing to a normal shape. And when he set his eyes on the person that stopped right across the bungalow as that of Jason, Ryley stilled in shock while the one only name left his tongue in bewilderment, "E-Eric!"

So the hunter was the stalker.


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