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   Chapter 42 She's being watched!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 10685

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Shine's happiness was on the last point of bewilderment. He was happy that he finally got to meet their mate after a week's gap and bewildered for the way she welcomed them. He slipped down within Ryley unable to keep his excitement limited. "Now get up Ryley Shine I have got a lot of questions for you." She tried to pull him up with his collar but in vain.

Her palm stiffened touching his back over the fabric of his tee feeling different. This guy never fails to hitch her! Any ways, she kept on stomping her foot near him until he did not stand up notwithstanding when he actually did it, she was under his cage being pinned to the wall with his arms severely pressing her in the concrete wall while his mountain like hard tough body grinding against her.

Valen gasped staring him with perplexed peepers, innocently. She cannot help stop chewing her lips nervously as his glares were fixated on her face. "Stop doing that, Valentine Pereira!" his husky voice sent chills down her body when he asked her to stop, she doesn't know what he intended to see her stop! "I said stop doing that Valen, stop chewing your lips." Ohh now when he said that out she, her heart beats raced up feeling awkward under his gaze.

Valen had heard him talk rudely, glare her with the same cold eyes regardless today it seemed all different. Her mind can't do anything else than reading his actions in another way, that way if you know! And when she saw him staring only and only her lips with undisturbed concentration her eyes shut tight.

They stood in the position for a moment until she listened him sigh lightly and look away. His grip though around her waist loosened still his arms lingered there giving her no room to move or breathe properly. "You think that was a joke!" Initially Valen scrunched her brows in an attempt to understand his words but when the realization hit her, she nodded in no.

Honestly she did not mean to offend him by tripping him like that. She just went off board in excitement forgetting completely who she was trying to be friendly with. "I just wanted to welcome you!" she innocently blinked her speaking out her emotions truthfully, only to attract his peepers back on her lips.

Ryley tamed himself anyway staring her lips with full focus while he replied, "Is that how you welcome people!" his eyes never leaving the sight of her lips.

"Uhh no, I was just—"

"Just what! Complete your sentence"

He demanded still being in the same position, this time snaking her waist perfectly as if she was his possession from now on!

"I was just happy that you are back!"

"Why were you happy!"


"Because what, Valen! I am waiting for your answer"

What an irony. Although Valen was going crazy inside her mind yet there was nothing she can do. He effortlessly controlled her asking her questions back to back where she was supposed to do the same.

"Because I was happy." Asserting that phrase into a perfect sentence, she smiled.

Indeed, why would someone be happy? They would be happy because they are freaking happy damn it. And there is nothing you can do about their happiness as there is no perfect definition of it. Happiness is just—

turned into a perfect O in astonishment. "Now who else will be happy seeing me hurt other than you and your gang, so I thought it was you or anyone from your gang. In fact, your eyes are brown too, exactly the same brown that had freaked me out twice." She was saying that all out of fun but what she did not know was, he was annoyed by that as she was indirectly saying the truth.

"But I happened to be wrong as you were not there in town the last whole week and that was the time when it happened more with me. In short, I don't have any clue who could the watcher be!" she ended with a chuckle only to experience a hard pain in her hand as he let go of it with a jerk, annoyingly. "That was just a joke. I don't have any clue about this all. But I really feel someone's eyes on me. I swear." She grinned all the while telling this to him.

Alas, his anger was on the peak, "You know what just go hell!" he grumbled with reddening eyes. "I am stupid that I give you my time to waste." He was really mad over her.

Valen mentally slapped her mind, she unknowingly clicked that point of pressure where he gets extremely charged up. However, it was of no use to regret on it any more. "You think it is a joke, you could be on someone's target, damn it. Do you even know what does this mean!" he screamed on her face, scaring her. "Your life is at stake, you are being watched." Her eyes softened no more seeming naughty.

The only excitement was that also gone leaving her to think over his words again and again. Valen started to bite her lips nervously, the flashes of those brown eyes and some fragment of that unfaithful where she was attacked played across her retina. She was scared, she just doesn't want to feel any more pain.

"Ryley I—"

"But you know what Valentine!" he harshly uttered interrupting her, " I would be the happiest person to see you dead because that is what you deserve. Now stay away from me if you don't want to be killed by my hands" With that he walked past her huffing in anger, leaving her there with moist eyes and hurt— unaware of what he just said was soon going to be true!


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