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   Chapter 41 Welcome back bully bastard!!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6230

Updated: 2019-12-28 13:57

With every step Ryley's heart danced with a strange emotion engulfing his body. He was happy and excited for attending the class. One week was a whole long period without having seen her face. He kind of— nah, he literally missed her stupidity around him. His wolf, who fights with him every day did not budge him at all during the entire trip hence increasing the boredom he had drowned himself into.

He feels hesitated to accept anyway, he did not boast the trip at all. It was a big failure. His girlfriend was with him, best friends and the most needed privacy yet something was missing. Something that has been an important part of his life! What? Know yourself.

So when Ryley was just a few steps away from the entrance of his first class, he heaved a breath preparing himself to meet her. He straightened his tee making sure he looked handsome hunk from all the angles before he finally barged inside the class with his 'I am Ryley Shine, the hot rascal' personality embracing the aura.

Hoots and gasps broke out as he walked ahead to his usual seat in his favourite row away from the entire crowd in the class with a puffed chest. Girls drooled over his appearance as he did not fail to look the typical hot Ryley Shine with that delightful body put up on show to their hungry eyes.

Guys although felt jealous of him kept staring him until he rested his ass on the bench removing his pad to refer the notes for the class. He was enjoying the attention laved on him, so much that his desiring lips cannot keep themselves from smiling in pride on his own self for being so hot and sexy.

The joy increased to another level when the professor's eyes moved onto him. Uhh, let us make it clear to the wonderful audience sitting out there and reading this— it was professor Veronica, thirty years old slim and scorching teacher of the subject 'Understan

to any trouble as the bully gang was back. So they took their heels off as soon as the bell rung subsequently leaving him alone in the class.

With a half hearted will Ryley packed his bag getting up from the bench. He harshly stuffed the timetable card back in the corner of his bag looking at the next lecture— it was again shared with her. "I am not attending any more lecture, fuck them all!" grumbling to himself excruciatingly, he hung the bag on his one shoulder whilst moving toward the door murmuring soft curses.

No sooner have he reached the doorstep than, "Ahh, shit! That hurts" He fell down on the floor on his stomach but wait, he blinked his eyes several times realizing that he did not actually fall but— he was tripped as there stilled the leg that did the needful. "You bi—" he wanted to scream, hit the heck out of the person who dared to play this trick on him Albeit when that aroma of fresh Chocolate Cosmos flowers reflected taking away his breaths, henceforth he knew who it was!

"Welcome back bully bastard!" and when her melodious voice chim in his ears, he died over her magnificent way of welcoming. Lol. And fell down on the floor completely covering his face, thus hiding his defeated smile.


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