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   Chapter 39 Can a wolf and human be mates!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7647

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Valen's point of view...

The leaves are starting to shred, the temperature is also falling. It is the beginning of the winters with the welcome of the month of December. I thought it will be arduous to spend a whole lot week without the bully gang around me.

People will hate me, call me with names, still I want to confess that they become an integral part of my life. Life seems lifeless without seeing their poker faces. Somebody has quoted this perfectly, 'One needs enemies too, to call it a life'

This one week felt awesome. No drama, no scars, there was nothing called as pain in this week, yet I felt incomplete. I have seen them around me ever since I opened my eyes may be that is why I hate them still want them!

"Don't you have anything else to do rather than roaming in here!" Eric smiled as I walked out of the car closing the door behind me.

"So what is up today with you!" He added accumulating the dry sticks of wood.

We have come good friends now. Eric and I even went for a small date, it was in his cabinet two days back under the day light. "I am your best friend, no! I like to spend time with you." I sighed resting my butt on the wooden block beside him.

"Hmm, are you missing someone?"

"Kind of."

"Who, boyfriend!"

"Uh no, enemy."

"Seriously Valen! You are missing your enemy. I mean, who misses their enemy, not me at least."

He is right, that is why I decided to come here despite his warnings. Being around him makes me forget everything. He is a good company. "I don't want to miss him but there are so many things I want to know. He left suddenly, leaving me with plenty of confusions." I confessed.

A weird expression appeared on his face as he looked over at me. "Is that enemy, a guy!" I could sense some jealousy, he even looked away when I positively nodded. "So what do you want me to help you with!" he exclaimed half heartedly as though he was doing some wonders in my name.

I stayed silent, he too resumed his work like we never talked about it. "Want to come to the stream?" he offered loading up the bundle of dry sticks on his shoulder.

We walked silently through the dried leaves. There were birds chirping around us. I feel attracted toward Eric which never happened around any other guy. He still calls m

was bored like always with my back to back questions. I had raised my hand to slap him in the shoulder until he started speaking again, "Finding your mate is the simplest thing. (stares her with a smirk) You just have to turn eighteen."

"What, really! So, I am eighteen (astonishingly) but I didn't find my mate!"

"Idiot, you are a human. You can't find your mate. But if you were somebody's mate then they must have found you! When they are around their mates, their noses will hit with pleasing, soothing fragrances and their wolves will to the rest for them. It is simple but very fragile because, if your mate does not like you then they will reject you on the spot. That is the cruellest phase of a wolf's life. " He finished while his fingers lightly caressed mine.

We sat there in silence looking at the water. It was going to be evening again. Any time now he would ask me to leave, no idea why? Every time I come to see him, he sends me home back before the evening.

Nevertheless, last time he drove me home in my car. "Do you think there is someone in your school who can be your mate, I mean who shows unnecessary power on you, forces you to stay away from other friends, do you have someone like that!" He inquires.

No, I don't have anyone like that. I don't even have friends, let alone someone like that." Nah, there is no one like th—" I can't complete the sentence ahead when the realization hit me.

Yes, I do have someone like that— Ryley.

Damn, does that mean, I am his mate!


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