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   Chapter 38 Tasty dish— Piranhas!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 10833

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After I was honourably asked to sit on the one person's wooden bed, Eric strode outside after excusing me. So it was not a lie. There is really something roaming in the darkness that chases people after the evening. If not then this guy who's been a hunter mentioned in our textbooks we study in the school would not have appeared like this.

I have heard a lot about him. He is one of the most invited wolf that every pack want to own regardless he likes to stay away from everything. He does not want to become a part of any pack but wants to leave on himself.

Probably A week ago when father mentioned his visit to our city on the dining table, I laughed at it because this guy is a rare sight to view. He is never seen but spotted hardly. "Hey, sorry for being late." He was back with a neutral pleasing smile.

What I noticed other than his shirtless torso was the great sign of a fighter wolf on his left arm. "I had to go to the forest back for some neem leaves. I just realized there is no ointment in my kit left any more." I passed him a 'no problem' kind of smile, he sat next to me with a utensil of stone wherein he crushed the neem leaves with some oil that he squeezed from an inch sized bottle.

" Uh this is essential almond oil. I make sure it is always with me." He mixed the two ingredients together bringing it to a smooth paste like texture. "So, are we ready." well I got myself hurt due to this guy nonetheless his nature got me smiling.

I never thought he would be this jolly. I don't want to make any comparison, but he kind of behaves like, Valen. Exactly, like her. "So did you find it!" By the time he was putting the paste made of neem and oil on my wound I decided to hit a conversation.

"Find what!"

"Uhh, the reason why you are here. I know you are a hunter, the famous hunter that every pack heartily wants invite. I have heard about you. "

"Ohh (smiles) you seem to be a kid. Err nineteen or twenty years of age, hmm."

I raised my eyebrow in reply. Dude can't you see my well built body I am heck twenty years old and you call me a kid. He let out a laugh continuing. "Okay I am sorry, I just wanted to irritate you. You seemed lost." He wrapped a white bandage carefully around my wound as though it was his own hand.

The cabinet is quite pleasing. Handmade abode that has a bed for a person, a table in the front with six drawers in two rows, two lamps and other stuff kept in a corner. "Ohh wow, that spear! I know about it, we just learned about it in few days back in history class." it was astonishing and exciting for me.

There was the hunter's spear that is claimed to be around a thousand year old. The wood is teak and the metal used for the main spear is pure silver with aluminium. Its one attack can rip someone in two. It got its name for the body's appearance that seems like the scales of a cobra snake.

But the most interesting part it, during our ancestral age, only one— yeah, only one such spear was made that is with him. "Yeah, that is the hunter's cobra spear." he said with a grin, taken aback by my amused looks.

"Where did you get it? From what we learned so far, it was destroyed in a war and it is very difficult to make one yourself."

"I must say

chance we lose our focus then I am dead! No, I am not scared, but I am thrilled to spend a night in here. "So my young friend, shall we have something to eat tasty today, it is your first night at such a place!" I looked at him, he was talking to me whilst being busy removing a shirt from a trunk located on the extreme corner. Ohh it was actually used as a reading table. "Well for your assurance let me tell you, you are all safe don't think that you are injured you are in danger. I am there, he can't chase you until I let him to kiddo!" He ruffled my hair.

"I am not a kid Erica Huston, I am the soon to be alpha of my pack." I replied as quickly as possible.

He looked surprised at the ample of information provided to him for the way he stared me, it said that all. "You are the going to be alpha, wow! So, I was talking to an alpha all this while!"

Anyway hungry as I was I can't counter back on his words. All I could see was the wooden pan he brought toward the bed from outside the door within minute. "You are lucky to be sharing this delicacy with me. I have tasty piranha fishes for the dinner tonight." he said, I forced a smile when he took away the lid of the pan bringing in my exploration, a dozen of freshly cooked Piranha fishes that did not appear eatable at all.

Cherry on top the reality that I never had tasted a piranha before made of worse. I was on a dilemma whether to try them or simply go to sleep empty stomach until its aroma hit my nostrils. Quickly my fingers dug in the pan picking up a piranha while its juice coated my fingers.

As soon as the meat touched my tongue, "Mmmmm damn that is so tasty." It was the best variety of fish I ever tasted.

We ate three fishes each within five minutes in silence. Surprisingly, that looked slightly off track to me. From what I have had so far with this guy talking, I have come to the conclusion he has some of the wonderful stories to share with me. "Ehh you were saying something about some 'crazy girl' who was she, your mate!" he seems a good advisor, may be I can get some help from him regarding my case.

I just want to forget her and her betrayal.


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