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   Chapter 37 Accident!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8753

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"Hey what is wrong with you! I gave my order, you are still sitting here, and I was thinking you are following to the counter!" I was in my thoughts thinking simultaneously about Vivian and Ryley. They hold so many similarities yet you can differentiate between them very easily.

Vivian is a composed, easy minded guy whereas Ryley is an aggressive guy getting angry on smaller things. "Valen! Are you alright!" Betty slapped me on the shoulder breaking my whole reverie into fragments.


"Valen, you are strange."


"I am talking to you but you are busy in your fantasy land— thinking about your charming prince, I guess."

She joked with a loud cluck.

"Ohh no, no it is not like that. I am just thinking about Vivian."... Neither Ryley is my prince charming nor Vivian. But the way Betty's eyes narrowed, before she can get onto any conclusion I had to cut her unspoken sentence. "He is a positive guy. I don't know what made him speak rudely to me! May be something is bothering him."

She stared on the table across us scratching her head. Vivian and I never shared a friendly relation as much as other friends do, still whatever we shared together, it was much more than anything. "Uhh Betty, have you seen Ryley today, haven't you!" I changed the topic easily rather you can say I finally hit the point which I had in my mind ever since I stepped in this school.

It is better if I keep her away of my business otherwise she will be in problem.

"Hey don't take me wrong, I just want to talk to him about something." Giving out a devious laugh she nodded her skull in understanding.

"Okay, I am not taking you wrong but I thought you knew it already!" Now it was my turn to scratch my head with scrunched forehead. "Let me ask you a question, have you noticed that our school seems very silent and merry today! And it has been like this for almost a week" I positively chip an inaudible yes. "It is because the Wild Wolves Gang has gone to a small trip few days ago. They will not be back before the end of this week"

She was squealing in exhilaration. It was indeed peaceful having them absent around us however, I did not feel good. The entire week! Means, I will have to wait for another six days to see him.

I get this strong feeling that he purposely chose to go at this moment so that I don't get any opportunity to talk to him about his behaviour.

Hmm, nice move Mr. Bully, but you don't know what I am! I am not going to let you go unless I get my answers.

"Come on, let's go to a movie to celebrate this." Now that it is a moment to celebrate, I really can't

of all you should know this is not a street, and second of all, you were walking on the highway." I hurriedly turned my eyes in the context to look at the area.

Damn! How come did I land here in Timberland all of a sudden. Truthfully to speak, we are warned to not visit this area for a month or two as there is something happening around here. "I... I.." I can't find words to support myself. As clear it was, he smiled realizing that I was at fault and I regretted it.

I reached Timberland running all the way till here briefly being in my thoughts, don't even I remember as to when that happened.

"Okay, get up buddy." He helped me get on my legs but hell, the pain shot sharp down the length of my arm causing my muscle to contract and shrink in response of the pain. "Shit, you shoulder!" I looked at where he indicated.

"Igh shit, that looks awful." whining at it I saw how badly have my skin slitted from along the line of collar bone ending right above my heart.

He hissed regretfully seeing how my visible flesh moved as the blood oozes out like an aggressive river flowing during rainstorm. I attempted to pull together the slit and close it nonetheless it stained my hand with the red thick liquid as the winds rushed harder and harder.

"I suggest we should go to My cabinet. It is just few metres away from here, I have aiding kit with me." Although I wished to refuse him, yet I nodded positively as we strode together side by side of each other crossing the main road and jumping down on the ground that was few metres lower with a jump. " Ohh, By the way my name is Eric, Eric Huston"

No sooner have he pushed me than I blinked my eyes focusing on his face, so he is the hunter dad was talking about!


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