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   Chapter 36 Where is he!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6746

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Valen's point of view...

I feel different emotions every time I enter this gate of the school, gazing at the amazing infrastructure maintained by the management. It mostly happens after I make a come back from a week's holiday or two due to the same old reason—bully gang's oppression.

This time too I feel different but it is not hurt or fear rather— excitement and an emotion that I myself can't describe. Why? Because I want to see him. After that night's conversation with dadda I want to see him, ask him how on lovely land he happened to be so caring toward me! Lol. I want to know what made him visit me every evening with those lovely gifts I adore every night before going to bed. I am eagerly waiting to question him as to how did he manage to change his behaviour around me.

Was that because his friends bothered me or was that because he really cared!

I don't know what was the actual cause behind his deeds, I just know one thing— he has reserved a special place in my heart. I can in fact say, the bully is not as bad as I have considered him or as bad he portrays himself to the world. He is way more cuter and better than what he shows! I love that.

Okay, I landed in the class thirty minutes earlier than the lecture time. Yeah, all credits goes to him, the bully bastard who had kept me occupied with his thoughts. One thing I like about him is his love toward his studies.

No matter what he does in the night or for that matter where he goes, he never compromises with his attendance at all. He comes early too. So I quietly sat in the same bench as the last time in the IT class where we sat together. The class was empty, there was no student available except me.

Isn't that good! Because he might land here any time soon, and we could get a good chance to talk without anybody interrupting us. Removing my tab, I opened the Moodle in order to go through some concept to catch up with the syllabus. I did not even do anything for the project, surely Miss. Calida will be mad at me.

s, I cannot refuse her. She is a new join who is transferred from other wolf school to ours on the basis of her performance in the previous academic year. Also, I do not want to leave my only friend.

We slowly moved together talking about OUR project. Precisely, it was her who kept on chanting as my eyes and mind was busy looking in the surrounding for him. "Uhh I am sorry." I was too lost in my mission 'Search Bully Bastard' that I bumped into— Vivian! Oh my Jesus. My bad luck.

The hit was so hard that he got severe bleeding scratches on his knuckles, I felt bad. "Ohh damn, Vivian you are bleeding. Come on let's go to the medical room. You will catch infection otherwise!" holding his hand near my face, I blew some air on it.

He blankly stared my face neither wincing nor expressing any emotion rather, "I do not want your fucking fake care. Go to fucking hell, and they fucking stay from me!" later jerking off my hand he walked away leaving me and Betty, shocked.

"He has been like that to everyone around him lately." Betty's assertion left me dazed.

How is that even possible! Vivian was the only maintained and calmed guy I knew in the college who was different from others. There was no relation between him and anger at all. There is definitely something that is bother him! And I need to find out what.


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