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   Chapter 35 First of all!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5570

Updated: 2019-12-11 15:29

Third person's point of view...

"There you go." He pulled down the hood of her car wiping his forehead.

The blazing sun was dancing overhead and on top of that the hot winds slapped Eric's shirtless torso wetting it with sweat. Even the dust accumulated on his skin making him look a little blonde. "Is it done! Really." Valen who was sitting in the car drinking coke quickly came out.

However, her naive questioned did not please him. Eric pressed his lips in a thin line scratching his head like a monkey with defeated expressions. "Did I speak in a different language?" he asked her, she nodded in no. "Then I hope you heard that said it is done. Start the engine." She ignored his earlier sentences sitting in the car to starting the engine.

Valen twisted the key and the vroom noise of the engine slit the silence, "It's working, it's working!" She cheered clapping her hands while he rolled his eyes.

He have never seen a girl so irritating. She was a pain in the ass. Only this dude knows as to how did he manage to fix car. While he was here working hard to get her vehicle work, there she was sitting in the car in the back seat under AC watching Mr. Bean.

What annoyed him was her back to back question answer rounds that she showed on him peeping of out of the window of her car partially. "So how much for this!" Eric's mouth left open in bewilderment.

Instead of thanking him for his help she was asking him the cost for fixing her car! That was so unethical of her! Crazy girl.

He gave her a stunned hot look as he placed the toolbox he had removed from the back trunk of her on hood before moving away from her. Valen stared his ret

stood exactly in the same place as earlier.

Eric bit his lower and even his light smile vanished soon when he realized she has come back. "What!" He asked raising one of his brows amusingly.

Valen innocently blinked her eyes staring over his face silently. She stared him for a good minute and said something, that made a cute grin to spread on his mouth. "First of all I am leaving now only because it is going to be evening soon (pointing her finger at him) but I will come back. Okay." He raised his hands in the air with a slight nod of his crown as if, marking her words. "And second of all, my name is Valen not, little girl." He suppressed his smile as she stared him with a poker face.

"And I am nineteen years old."

Having that made clear in his language only, Valen finally left the spot hence driving back to the way she has come from while an excited Eric stared at the main road smiling crazily. "Stupid girl!" he scratched his scalp walking inside the forest toward his cabin.

The night is going to be dangerous as compared to the other night. He will have to be alert!


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