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   Chapter 33 Way to Timberland, but wait!!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8036

Updated: 2019-12-07 22:20

The whole night Valen could not sleep. Reason was simple and understandable— the bully bastard was bothering her. Uh, not physically but mentally. His thoughts did not let her sleep. She tried her best to distract her mind and sleep alas every attempt in vain.

She hates him, doesn't she?

Then why was she feeling good when dadda told her he had come while she was not awake! Why was she liking to kiss and hug that brown teddy bear! Why was she liking to sleep hugging his shirt that she had stolen from his car last year! Most importantly, why the fucking hell was she thinking about their regrettable kiss all the time, all of a sudden!

'Ugh, what is wrong with me!

I definitely need to go and take my medicines. He is making me mad. Ryley Shine, why are you messing with me!'

Valen threw away the Wolf's Anatomy textbook that she was reading on the pillow next to her irritatingly. "Why is it getting so difficult suddenly. Stupid heart, why are you even thinking about him!" she crazily pulled her hairs trying to understand what was wrong with her heart. And the excitement to meet him made it worse.

But the truth is, no matter how good he behaves while she was not okay still he would never accept that, let alone meeting her on her insistence. "Shall I call him. At least he can talk to me if not meeting!" She stared her phone next to her on the beside table.

Her hands itched to quickly grab the phone and call him at once yet Valen controlled her emotions. She was though unaware what was wrong with her heart, but she knew there has come a drastic change in her behaviour toward him. Yes, a change that was difficult to be comprehended.

Any way Valen took her phone hitting his name in the contact list and finally dialled his number. The only desire, she wished to have fulfilled like this. "One phone call will not do any harm" Valen shrugged her shoulders more like explaining herself.

Seemed that her father's words had badly influenced her to know what was behind his hatred or say the emotion he would always shower her with! She seemingly sat really determined to find out the secret behind bully bastard's complicated nature.

"Freaking hell!" Her expressions showed she was unable to reach to him.

Even the woman on the speaker made it clear, 'The call could not be connected, it is out of network range.' it was not possible to talk to him now.

"No prob

amazingly perfect. But what made her goggle was his abrupt appearance from nowhere.

'What the heck is going on in my life! On one hand, that bully bastard's thoughts are not letting me live in peace whereas on the second hand these uninvited scenes are eating my head! Like seriously, in the middle of a road a handsome shirtless hot yummy scrumptious appealing guy appears out of nowhere and claims to have come just to help me. Like dude, as if you were forever waiting for my car to stop suddenly so that you can come and help!'

Valen crazily thought while the guy scratched his head attempting to figure out what was going on in her mind. He patiently waited watching her from up to down before saying, "Hello miss, are you there! Do you need some help or should I go back." Valen raised her brow suspiciously.

First of all he comes out from nowhere and then tells her to leave! It alerted out stupid Valen's mind, "No I can help myself. You can go." And she shove her words in his face proudly rejecting his help.

The shirtless hot guy shrugged his toned shoulders that her eyes gawked at the way they moved as he turned around to leave. 'Shit I do not know what is wrong with my car and here I am simply turning his offer down. It will not be a good decision to reject his help. Valen don't let him go, call him back. Call him back." She eagerly jumped in her place moving her hands in the air like she was trying to gather up her voice and shout to call him back

While there the shirtless hot guy continued to walk back in between the huge coniferous trees in the front.


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