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   Chapter 32 Nah, I don't believe you!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 10191

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The silvery rays of moon fell in her bedroom, there was pin drop silence. Not even can anyone hear the sound of breathing, let alone an insect's chirps. The curtains on the windows flew along the wind dancing with its rhythm while the dimmed context in the room made it hard to see what was happening in there around.

One long week and she has been in the bed. "Valen!"

"Hmm" she hummed turning around facing the door where her father walked in with a tray occupying his grip.

Jason passed a smile as he joined her sitting on the floor near the window watching the starry sky and the full moon glowing in its mirth. "Your garlic breads with manchow soup and here is my yummy treat." he brought forward his bowl across her face giving her its smell. " Cheese Pasta, Yess!"

Watching the bowl of pasta Valen faked a whimper standing on her knees, "That is not fair dadda, I want pasta too. Please" She poured batting her lashes.

"No, eat what you ordered for. Don't look into my bowl."

"Please dadda, Pulleaseeee"


With a contented smile Jason placed his bowl of pasta in her lap and took hers while his pampered baby girl squealed in joy looking at the yummy dish in her front with drooling mouth. "My dadda is the best." She kissed him so hard that even the print of her lip balm painted his cheek.

That was another beautiful night the duo was spending together from last four days. Yeah, after a week of being in bed she was finally awake and it has been four long and marvellous days of leisure she passed with her father.

And the surprising part was, she was no more looking the Valen who was brought in this room a week back. In actuality, she seemed all the way more healthier and strong than earlier. All thanks to her dadda who treated her so solemnly.

There is this famous proverb saying, a cat has nine lives wherein if it is subdivided you get three years to play, three years to stray and three years to stay. It is because, a cat can survive many injuries as they land on their feet even if fallen from a great height.

Valen was no less, in fact she was often compared to a kitten just because she was delicate and mild. Although she has more life to live on as compared to the cat. Some years of agony, some years of misery and some years of bully was what she has sustained as yet however, the moments of happiness overpowered them all everytime she faced anything wrong. No matter what the situation might be, life was going on its track at its best! Lol.

But as it is rightly said and believed— Survival of the fittest... She worthed to stay in this competitive world and survive! And guess what, she required less time as compared to any other human for getting better from the injuries she was rewarded with. No doubts why she is called, pain in the ass by the Wild Wolves!

Never mind, let's get back to the aura which the father and daughter's duo sat in enjoying their lovely time together. "So what were you saying about Ryley!" her mouth was full of pasta, yet she managed to speak whil

ason stretched his arms. He accumulated the plate and bowls in the tray, "May be he is real mad at you!" Valen gasped.

"Try to think about any incident where you got on his nerves or for that matter did something that made him put you in his bad books. Because a wolf never hates anyone unless they have something to do with them." With that he rose on his legs with the tray.

Wasn't he right? Ryley was good with her in the initial days, they would sit together and talk, he would help her carry the grocery bags from the super market, catch butterflies with her and what not. His behaviour toward her changed without warning.

"You mean to say, I should find out the reason behind his behaviour toward me?" Valen got up as well. Her eyes curiously stared Jason's face when he bobbed his skull positively thus surprising her.

She had thought about that too but never got the motivation to do that. You cannot simply force a person who hates you to like you all at once. They have their own reasons. In fact, she has dropped that idea long ago in defeat.

Her Stern demeanour that, 'If he will hate me than I will hate him too' has invariably been the reason behind her hatred for him.

Obviously you won't go head over heels with a person who irrevocably loathes you! You would hate them back, no doubts.

"Mmm hmmm, you might not be able to change his feelings for you, the least you can do is know why he hates you. But I still think you are misunderstanding him. And he likes you otherwise he wouldn't have come to see you every evening." said Jason switching on the lights. "Now if you are done with your talks then eat your meds and go to sleep. You have to resume your school from Monday. One more day of your holiday left, hmm"

He hugged her lastly before exiting the doors not before turning the lights back to dim while a confused Valen sat on the window sill thinking about all the events with Ryley, she could remember of.

The time has come to find out why his hatred is so strong for her!


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