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   Chapter 31 She's out of my life!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 11750

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"Okay, now please both of you, keep aside your ego and talk." It was Wendy who planned this meet in the back of the school where students seldom visited.

There were broken benches and other school furniture littered around between the heaps of other trash. The place was not frequently cleaned and so, it gave the students a chance to litter it more often and even turn this place in their secret spot where they met each other during the day light without having teachers know anything about their weird business.

The entire Wild Wolves Gang sat on the broken benches wherever they desired in a circle. The last lecture was about to get over and here they sat seriously caring nothing regarding their attendance. Yeah, they have been off from their respective classes bunking it the whole day alone yet together.

Never mind, they silently gazed each other waiting any of the two strong males of their gang to take a moment and start the talk however, what they saw was real opposite of their thoughts. "Ryley!" They stepped aside seeing him behave strange as he severely kicked a bench in his left that turned into pieces.

It was difficult to comprehend his emotions as well as actions. They had a hard time understand what was up with him. They have definitely seen their friend behave stupid and stubborn in grouchiness nevertheless, he never effused it on them!

"What is wrong with you baby, please tell us. You cannot keep that to yourself." There broke Hazel's painful voice. She clung on his arm while her fingers dug in his hairs caressing his scalp. "If there is something disturbing you tell us, we will together mend it!"

On the end of her statement, Ryley somewhat jerked her away. He shot a hard gaze to every one of them one by one announcing, "Mend!!! You will mend things disturbing me! You all, really!" He pointed his finger on them as though standing them culprit.

They did not dare to speak a word providing that his tone was damn frightening. They way his brown eyes murderously gaped them in the patience of silence, they shuddered. "Look at yourselves, you call yourself as my friend! Seriously." Their faces turned pale sensing his annoyance while he faked a sarcastic laugh.

Every member of their gang knew how woefully Shine, his wolf hated them. Ryley himself has made that clear to them. And the way Ryley breathed eyeing them thoroughly, they dreaded that Shine would anytime take charge of Ryley and turn them into dead bodies with open wounds.

"Come straight to the point what did we do, don't just beat around the bush!" remarked Zander, coldly.

It surely made Ryley crazy, yet he preserved his aggression from busting out. "You want me to say that out! Yes Zander, Clarke and Hazel— you really want me to say that out!" He addressed them all, repeating his words Ryley stood on his feet glaring them severely.

This made a thrilling dread run down Hazel's body seeing him go round the bend. Though he said little yet spoke too much for their information. Come hell or high water, she moved behind from him! Did someone tell him regarding her and Vivian's physical relationship!

No! It would be a great problem if he gets to know about that. Hazel perplexedly sweated crossing her fingers in dread. 'Please, please, tell me it's not about me and Vivian. I swear it was a mistake. Please Ryley, don't say that!' she though, Her eyes were on the edge of streaming.

Notwithstanding what her boyfriend announced was something else and mind numbing. "Don't yo

you behave differently around her. I don't want that to happen. I don't want her to break us. You know I love you unconditionally!" She was literally begging with teary eyes.

He was dumbfounded! Not even in his worst of nightmares can Ryley learn this. They had so many grudges hidden in their hearts. And everyone's view was absolutely different and mind freezing.

However, speaking frankly, they were not wrong! Yes, after Valen's appearance a lot happened. May be keeping her away from their business will not only keep them together as a team but also keep her safe! It is better if he could just stop letting her mess with his brain and move on in life.

And if that marks her safety then better do that.

Agreed, mates are important in a wolf's life but if they prove out to be a severe issue creating reason in their life then better erase them out!

Desultorily, Ryley looked down lost in his thoughts deeply. 'She is my mate but my friends are more important for me and if for them I have to turn her down, be it! I am any way not going to accept her, I love Hazel so why not really throw her out of my life as well as mind and start fresh!'

"Fine, I must leave." Their heads turned to stare Zander. What did happen to him suddenly! "I know I am at fault, I harmed her, and she might have to stay in bed for a while. I accept my mistake." He announced turning around.

Despite everything, earlier than he can take a step forward his arm was held and pulled behind abruptly. "Are you trying to be extra ordinarily smart, Zander Brown!" He stared at Ryley who playfully hit him on the shoulder that still hurt, an Alpha's punch you see! "Wild wolves never accepted their mistakes, and they never will, I will kill you right here if you dare to take a step ahead!"

There rolled over a wind of excitement and victory as Ryley pulled his best best beta friend in his arms hugging him tight. They all can superlatively hear the cracking of their bones under the hug. "I can never be angry on you for long bro, you are my bestest of friend. I just want you all to stay away from problems, that's it!" Saying so Ryley pulled Hazel in a side hug not before kissing her lips lightly as an apology. Later, all of them shared a group hug before signing off!

Today, they literally closed her topic once and for all.


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