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   Chapter 30 Dilemma!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6329

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There was real tension building up around. Ryley turned around darting him with the looks that gave prior warning, he was not in the mood to talk anything to them at all. Not at least after seeing what they did last day with Valen, keeping him unaware of their revenge plan.

The two stood staring each other under the silence of their perilous patience. One could see how badly they suppressed their urge to just marched toward each other and give rise to a fight that nobody has never seen and bring about a gap in their friendship! "Guys, what is going on with you two!" Their pupils distracted to the door where they saw Hazel standing with curious expressions.

Instantly, it led to the eradication of their intense urge of thrashing one another and looked away. She marched surprisingly toward them while her retina focused on the crowd around. Why would everyone look do scared! Did something happen that she missed or something that she knew but failed to notice!

So many questions, having thought with the urgency to have answered them as Hazel smilingly stood beside Ryley, she realized— he walked past by her without paying any heed to her! She blinked her eyes in dismay as Ryley quickly walked out the exit leaving them all puzzled.

"What was it!" The crowd of students has long reduced. The first lecture was going on and so the canteen happened to be empty with only the canteen staff left with the bully gang's two most disturbing members, Zander and Hazel. Hazel bit her lips nervously reading her friend's facial features. "I know before I landed between you two, you guys were certainly arguing or going to do even worse! Now tell me Zander what was that."

Her back to back set of interrogation made him shriek in annoyance. She very well saw they were definitely doing something that was not good then why of fucking earth's sake, she had to ask that again. Any way

r she was happy or sad providing that, he hated her. It was fun seeing her cry and wriggle in ache however, last night, what he saw and experienced just pumped his heart.

If anyone has told him that hurting your mate hurts you more than them, then Ryley would have laughed on them albeit, the last night he realized, it was not phrases or sentences! It was indeed fucking true as he himself can feel that.

On top of that, his wolf made it all the way more difficult. Shine has turned as crazy as a madman. He even tried to come out and take charge of him and just kill everyone who hurt his soul mate. Thankfully, Ryley controlled him.

'I hate you Ryley, I hate myself that I am a part of you. I hate being a part of your body that becomes a sole cause behind her pain. And now, I strongly feel like you should be left alone. You don't deserve a mate like her. You deserve that bitch— that Hazel whose somebody else's mate but stays with you just for your power, looks and body. I pray, you never get Valen ever.'

Saying that, Shine screamed inside of him loudly like the roar of thunder under a rainstorm that even shook Ryley in fret.

But on a serious note, the point was— will Ryley ever learn the true meaning of real love and trust!


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