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   Chapter 29 Best friends' fierce fight!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7180

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Night passed by like the blinks of lashes for Ryley. He could not fetch some sleep for himself at all! Although he tried but the thought of her sleeping inside unconscious did not let him sleep. He passed the time sitting out on the white bench in the garden constantly eyeing her window.

He felt guilty of her condition even though it was not really him. Yeah, it will not be wrong to call him a coward because of whom this all happened to her! If Ryley had accepted her the last year only after finding out that he is his mate rather than hiding it not only from his friends but also from himself then may be, the circumstances had been different now.

Never mind, let's just keep the past in the past and talk about the present. And Ryley's present was as saddening as the night of a howling rainstorm. He was forcibly sent to school despite of his disagreement by his father.

The reason is quite self explanatory from his point of view. Last night during the talk about her and his care toward her, Ryley simply ignored it and on top of that he grumbled, "I fucking don't care for her! Why do you think that I— I, Ryley Shine will care for her! She is not my girlfriend. I will not even mind if she is dead!" making it clear what he felt toward her. It did convince his father as to how extently was his son in hate relationship with her, and so he never talked about them as friends afterward.

But much to Ryley's own surprise, he felt extreme bad after saying that!!!

He should have avoided saying that phrase where he feigned to be okay even on her dead! Not only did his wolf howl crazily at his nonsensical statement, but he himself did. He may not accept her but Shine will since he knows without her, he is nothing. And if by chance she ever leaves them then his existence will come to an end.

Okay, so after driving like a dead corpse out of his will to the school Ryley parked is car in the 'No parking Area'. He purposely did stupid things to satisfy his heart. Moreover, to avoid thinking about her. He alone bothered some students from her class, the guys— forcing them to take off their clothes and do a photo shoot in t

anyone twerking any more." The bully bastard suddenly changed into a bedazzling battler!

Not only that, he even stood against his own friend creating a sense of uneasiness spread the environment. They never fought among themselves! Not at least in the public, why now? Why so abruptly?

Having an equally baffled face, Zander forced a chuckle saying, "Ryley, are you really saying that to me?"

To which, what he got in reply was unbelievable. "Do we have another Zander here! No, so basically I am talking to you." Ryley stretched out his arms wide expressively putting forth his words. "You can go." He faced the girl whilst pulling her up on her legs.

The scene was very thrilling and threatening. The bestest friends of the school who has set a benchmark for others were actually caught up in a heated situation debating on topics that opposed each other's interest. "She cannot go. She will have to do as we have told her!" Before the poor girl could take a step away from them, her arm was tightly gripped by a fuming Zander.

If there Ryley was being reluctant and doing things against him then Zander was no less. "Let her go Zander. If you are soo eagerer than why don't you yourself twerk." Having jerked away his future beta's hand with force as Ryley shooed the scared girl away and walked past by him toward the door, he heard Zander's loud shrill.


While the entire canteen gasped!


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