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   Chapter 28 Isn't that your shirt Ryley!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7990

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She was still faint when Ryley finally brought her back to her house in the late night. "Valen! What happened to her!" Jason's concern dripped out of his words while the unshed tears in his eyes showed how painful it was to see his daughter being brought inside in the arms while she herself stayed unmoved in his embrace.

Carefully after placing her in the couch, Ryley hurried to the little dispensary made in the room next to Jason's for the required medical aid she needed. "Why is she bruised! Did you guys get into a fight?" The Luna asked him sitting down on the floor hear the couch balancing her head on the pillow cautiously.

She gasped seeing the damages done to her beautiful face while there her protective dadda held a baffled expression not moving at all. He saw her slightly bent arm that gave him the idea before even checking it that it was fractures or swelled up.

Her bleeding face bled his heart as though she was a part of his body only. "I will tell you everything first of all take this and treat her. She also needs for her clothes to be changed." He placed the medical kit in her hand whilst leaning forward to pick her up in the arms.

Ryley rushed to her bedroom carefully taking her upstairs while she laid unconscious in his arms. She was awfully bruised, he noticed that when the side of her top stretched up from the side of the waist bringing in view her red skin that occurred like there were real severe rashes.

However, it was not. It can clearly be seen that the redness was out of hitting something hard that harmed like that. Moreover, then himself, his wolf screamed every time he realized any new wound on her. The way he howled banging his fists in the inside of Ryley showing his disappointment, it was obvious he can kill any of his best friends!

After a deep breath, he turned around only to witness his parents along with a physically shocked yet mentally composed Jason striding behind his parents with some injections and few bottles of medicine that were to be injected in her body. "Come on get out now, let me change her clothes!" His mother pushed him out while she gave a thorough gaze to her unconscious figure.

The three males stood impatiently outside her door lost in their reverie. "Where did you find her! Why the heck are you mute Ryley, open up your filthy mouth and speak!" As Hercules shouted on him demanding for the reason as to why was she brought in such condition, Ryley only glared him in reflex.

Here, it was getting harder and harder with every passing second for him exploring new wounds on her body who was his undesired mate yet his match, and there his father was irking him. What was he supposed to say! His friends are the reason behind her condition, and they punished for standing against their gang in the school. Or should he say, she was thrashed because his girlfriend and the hot topic of their school was insulted by her and so, she was made to pay like this.

He found a better way to answer this, avoid them! Ryley stood adjacent to the door silently. Neither did he revert back to his father's talks with 'i ambit even listening to you' look on his face with crossed arms whilst leaning on the wall as much as he can to avoid him.

Much to his aggression, the avoidance caused more than necessary chaos in the context. "Ohh dad! Will you please just stop that. Can't you, I don't want to talk!" He grumbled hissing woefully looking at his father.

His hisses later replaced with pants when he badly stretched himself out of his discomfort looking everywhere but him. He regretted his tone really! Even though he is his father he should not forget that he was talking to the alpha, no matter what.

Ryley looked down pursing his lips. How can he not understand his dilemma! Isn't he, his 'I know everything' father who can even smell when he desires what! Can't he see he is disturbed by this Allan's needs some space.

His freaking mate was injured inside and the wolf in hi

m was getting impatient to know how exactly was she wounded but here his alpha father was ascertain to suck out every drop of his blood! "If that's you behind her this condition then Ryl—" Earlier than alpha can finish off the thrilling sentence, Garnet Shine, his Luna mum unlatched the door giving them the access to finally enter in.

Having pushed her slightly not with such force as Ryley barged in with a hopeful heart to not see anything worse, he blinked his eyes shockingly. 'Isn't that your shirt! I remember she has stolen that from your bag last year after you had refused to let her in your car!' His eyes intriguingly saw her delicate figure on the bed in nothing but his shirt which, as said by Shine, was stolen by her last year during a verbal fight.

It was when Ryley got his driving license and the permission to drive his car in the city. She wanted him to take her although he shooed her away badmouthing her. And out of vexation, on the same day in the evening, she stole his favourite white shirt from his bag that was in his car parked on the street, Uhh not to forget to mention, it was to be worn on Hazel's advance birthday party.

Though he was sure she was the one who took that however due to lack of proof he had to let her go unharmed, until today! He never thought his favourite shirt that was dearer to his heart than his girlfriend will be worn by her someday, but on a bad circumstances.

"I could not find anything else than this in her wardrobe as suitable as for the time being. Her Body, Uhh, I think Jason, you must call your assistants, she would need their help. I don't know what has happened, but she is badly injured. Everywhere on her body there are bruises!" His heart that was fluttering and feeling heck teased seeing her in his shirt ending on her mid thigh.s while she laid on the bed quietly, suddenly hitched listening to his mother's sentence.

Ryley looked down having this itch in his palms to just right away walk to her and caress her body with the love and care she yearns. "What is wrong with her Ryley? What happened to her!" his pupils shot out listening Jason's hurt voice.

He can tame his father's urge but not him. Ryley himself had seen him suffer too much since his birth. "Uhh Jason, she got into a fight. When I found her, she was uhh—" He looked for words what to say.

If a place a father was begging to know what happened to his daughter than in the contrary, his friendship demanded loyalty even if it was on the wrong side. "Unconscious! I really did not see anyone around her" He lied, losing it to his friends than her lifeless injured mate.

Ryley and his father moved out while Jason and Luna Garnet busied themselves inside with Valen's injuries. While they were inside treating her than here, alpha Hercules licked his lower lip constantly gazing Ryley who was trying his level the bestest to avoid him.

The two never talked to each other. Uhh, not much after he turned eighteen, to be precise. Reason, because Ryley holds him responsible for something bad that occurred to him! And what's that? Obviously, Valen. It was his words why she happened to be his mate.

He certainly remembers that day when he was out there in the lands looking for her with his father, so happily and cozily. It was him who stated, "Who knows if she proves out to be your mate!" Since then, his life turned as such that neither he nor can anyone change it!

"Weren't you out there partying! Who told you about her that— she hasn't returned home yet!" Having a raised eyebrow Alpha Hercules placed an arm around his shoulders while under his touch, Ryley contracted his muscles uncomfortably! "Because as far as I have known you or your hatred toward Valen I just know, you don't like her, let alone care for her arrival!" Alpha kind of said, his tone laced with mock.

There beside him, his junior stood stunned as to what to reply!

How will he prove that— he really doesn't care for her!!!!


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