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   Chapter 26 A male best friend!!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7420

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A wolf's life is dependent on his mate— Everyone have heard this. They are sometime left behind to live a life of a human if due to some circumstances their mates are gone. Yeah, some do live and run in the race to find a new mate or simply look for someone whose mate are they.

Well honestly it seemed more than that in Ryley's life. He ran and ran struggling to catch few words with his wolf Shine, who refused to talk. He must know her location. He can sense her presence around. Even if she is sitting in the class, and he has just come school, Shine would scream and shy as though she were standing across them. He can smell her within the diameter of fifteen feet.

Stopping at the school gate he tried once again to get Shine speaking unluckily, what he got in reply was just his irked out howl that made it clear he was not in the sense to help him in any way. "Shine please, tell me if you can smell her around." Although Ryley can search her too via his olfactory perception alas, he was not able to as there were many other strong odour of burning trash, crying of night animals, chirping of insects affecting his concentration. In fact, he was still in the phase of learning. Spotting people through their smell was not aced by him like other expert wolves. He needed more time to improve the ability of his hearing.

He did catch a girl's cries coming from a far but when he neared the location, he realized that was nothing other than the fake cries playing in a small television in a shop on loud voice. "Did you see Valen returning school to gather any forgotten stuff!" he was loitering in the premises of the school after jumping the gate and me their watchman who was on his third round.

Te children of the school were pain in the ass. They often barged in the school during night and hid in the classes with crates of beer that would be lying everywhere in the school by the morning arrive. And to avoid such students barging in the senior gatekeeper with two of his other members left for taking rounds thrice in the night to make sure there were not any brat inside. And to mock up everything here, it is a must mention that Ryley and his were the very first who did that including some others!

re severely messed up indicating they were yanked and pulled in a way that made it like this.

His eyes moistened when he threw the phone's flash light on her hands. Both the hands had the po ruby's of tight hand grip. In fact the left wrist was red swelling up around her forearm. He can clearly see her bone was fractured! He dreaded to go any further down and see anything else for the more he spotted the louder and vulgar his wolf screamed going mad within him seeing his mate cry and bear that burning pain on her delicate body.

Ryley hesitantly pulled her in a hug such that he embraced her whole body in his arms. A wave of relief ran down his blood vessel calming his wolf down having her so close. It was their first ever hug, first away contact between their bodies. As he sunk his fingers in her hair stroking them to soothe her she winced near his throat clenching her jaw tightly where he realized too— why it was for!

Her head has bump in various places that made him imagine how she must have been hit hard with things that did that to her. His tears trickle down in her hairs feeling her pain. Only if he had taken care of the situation not letting it go easily then she would have been okay. "It's okay, I am here. Nobody will get you now. I am there."

"They broke his house. His wife is not waking up! They killed her!" He heard her sob while his mind lingered on the subject, who HE was she addressing too!

'A male best friend perhaps?'


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