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   Chapter 25 She's not home!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6064

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So far it was owls everyone accused to be up with wide eyes not sleeping at all and a creature who liked more night than the day. But it was not the poor bird alone, actually Ryley too. Having partied hard in his favourite club and being kissed by many different girls, he was now returning home.

He made sure to make as less noise as he can that could be avoided by his father since he was coming back home at 1.20 am in the night. It was not something rarely, if you ask but something that was dazing on his part. Because Ryley Shine never returned home before the sun rise and left for the college after the first lecture was missed.

He quietly parked his car in the garage of built in the back of their house. Stuffing in a long breath in his lungs he effortlessly entered his room through the window with the speed of a light. "I am smart!" He mentally patted his own back slurring with a spinning head. "I drank— too much— alcohol today. Ryley, better control yourself! Alpha's don't drink too much, hmm." He warmed himself removing his black long vampire kind of collared tee having a red border on the end at the circumference as well as the cuffs of his sleeves. The double collars made of the same red fabric inside the black one showed it was designed and complimented his fair lovely skin.

After a good shower he came back falling like a dead dog on his stomach right on the pillow. However, something was undigesting! And that was the silent house that gave him feeling of a haunted house with no one. He could listen the breathing of the three servants sleeping in the cabinet next to their bungalow.

It was surprising to learn there was no sound coming from his parent's room. Ryley though was tired and feeling dizzy. The soft pillow called him to just lay his head back on his and her lost

ng precious. It did not take him more than a minute to cross seven miles and stop by at outside the fence of the garden. His eyes shot up at the first floor of the little bungalow over her window.

Unfortunately, he can't hear her breaths making it clear she was not home. He was not in the need to go in and ask Jason what was the matter. Ryley only had to make an effort and stand near the rectangular window of the kitchen in the west where his parents sat on the circular table with Jason settling on the slab as his father, Hercules said. "Don't worry Jase, she will be fine. I have sent our warrior to look for her and if they don't come back with her then I will myself go in her search. Hmm. Have patience."

He needed no other word to know why was she missing, "Zanderr!" Ryley murmured in his breath running away from there.

What he missed to know was, "My spy is on his work, he will be back with your daughter safe. Just wait for an hour and you will see her here (pointing in the chair across him) in this chair all fit and fine." Alpha Hercules smiled looking in the direction of the window his son's shadow he spotted from.

Indeed, none can trick an alpha— Not even his son!


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