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   Chapter 24 Trapped!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 9178

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Valen's point of view...

I can't describe how happy I felt. So happy that I don't think I have ever been this much happy in my entire life. Happinesssssssss! Was even dripping down my face if you ask me. It was unbelievable for me too to see that I literally threw Hazel on the ground.

Their faces worthed to be watched. Really, the way she cried wriggling on the ground and how Zander reacted to it while her boyfriend himself was shocked— I can't just take it off my mind. It was the revenge to everything they did to me do far.

Excitingly moving to my car I smiled at my classmates who showed me thumbs up with the warmest smiles. It is not their appreciation but their thanks to me for taking an initiative to teach the bully gang a lesson. Not even is there a single student in my class who is not bullied by them!

I unlocked the door of my little vehicle that was as cute as me. After dadda I love my red car. It can only accommodate four people— two in the front seat and two in the back yet it is the best car I could afford to have. Daddy gifted it to me on my birthday last year.

In fact, I am grateful the bullies that they never targeted my car otherwise I would have lost an integral part of my life. Okay, it was just a matter of few seconds to get in and buckle up my seat. I turned the music player on and luckily the song that I would not mind to listen anytime played on it, 'We Will Rock You

Song by Queen'

The music gives you the feeling of being a conqueror. I could not have asked for any other song to celebrate my success today! This was just the first defeat, more coming in their way.

I stopped by at a cotton candy shop. Eating some of it on my way to home will not be a bad idea.

It was situated on the deserted street that five blocks away from our school. The old pepper haired man gleamed with hopes seeing a customer approaching his little shop built on the side of his house, with a light smile.

His hands quivered as he got down of his shaking wooden chair using his slightly bent old man's stick. He wore a worn out baggy shirt that hung on his thin body and a pair of formal pants long enough that covered half of his shoes. I can't do anything except sympathizing toward his standard of living.

Even the name of his little square shaped shop made with some carton boxes and wood blocks was washed away leaving it with a blur image. "How may I help you ma'am!" I was overwhelmed with his polite accent. He was quite elder than me yet having him address me 'Ma'am' gave me the clear idea that he was just trying his best to persuade me so that I would buy something from his shop.

"One cotton candy please" I replied with a smile, forwarding him a note of ten dollars.

He blinked

heir pack ranging from the beta's son to the pack army's commander's brat, Clarke.

"You humiliated us and thought we will let you go so easily, yeah valley!" Zander took steps in my direction like a thrilling hungry predator who was trying to play with his food (prey) before eating it. "Ohh babe, you committed your life's wildest sin. You messed up with us." I jumped in my place and the cotton candy slipped my of my grip finding its place somewhere on the ground.

I just took a small bite out of it!

However, that was not my concern for now but them, the ones behind his back who were removing some sort of weapons from their backpack. "Wh-hat d-do yo-u Wan-tt?" I dared to ask.

Zander howled loudly such that the surrounding dust flew in the open air filling up the context like a fog. It was a perfect chance to take my heels off. They were waving their hands in the environment shoving away the dust providing that I turned around breathing as badly as I can and trying to reach my car.

No sooner have I hardly pushed few long running steps further than I found Clarke standing in front of me with a bicycle's chain wrapped around his knuckles taking me off guard. Gasping severely as I put a stop to my run before crashing into him, alas painful as I can describe it felt when a hard kick fell on my spine with a harsh jerk that led me down to the dusty ground on my stomach.

My eyes blurred with black and white dots dancing in front of my retina where ever I tried to see. After a real hard attempt I shot my eyes open only to see that someone of the three was approaching me slowly. I could only manage to see the black shoes with puma written on the side of the thick sole. It stepped on my candy and what it felt like a lost moment, my head was pulled up mercilessly by my hairs. "Aaaahhhh!"


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