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   Chapter 23 Harsh and deep.

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 11299

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There are limits to everything in this world. And false hopes stands no exception here in this regard. Hazel cannot help but exit the canteen frustratedly when the useless mates of her gang did nothing great but give her false desires to have taken revenge on Valen real soon.

"They stood mute when she degraded me and now they give me promises that will never be kept and brought to execution." Whimpering on top, she whiningly came walking to the locker room.

There was no one in the entire school so that was the only good part. Nobody would see her tears or win any opportunity to laugh on her. Hazel growled hitting her bag on her locker such that it gave birth to a strong noise before falling on the ground thud.

Why is it so difficult to remove all such memories from the mind! Why do they keep coming back. She thought regretting having the abilities to recall everything including the past encounters. "I hate that bitch. I swear I will not leave her easily. She targeted me to win my boyfriend's faith, I will show her what it comes along." She grinded her teeth sluggishly settling her butt on the bench near the wall.

She was finally having some good time alone. Ironically, it was just meant to be ruined when Hazel sniffed a familiar odour approaching her. It was sweet and unappealing for some reasons. And when she laid her eyes up from her fidgeting fingers then she just can't tame her howls from leaving her mouth!

"Aww, I didn't expect my babe to cry like a baby! That is so sad." Flaring her nose in disgust Hazel rolled her eyes. She would have appreciated if that sentence was said out by her boyfriend. Yeah, she would have thrown few tantrums initially but with the passing time, she would have given in pulling him for a bashful smooch. "Ehh I don't like that ignorance mate! Come on look up at me, your Vivian!"

He went on his knees across her forcefully keeping his hands on her thighs. Since she was wearing a short pants ending above her mid thighs and starting below her belly button, it was a good sight to see her in that sitting posture where she served more of her flesh to view to his naked eyes.

Hazel rolled her eyes with a loud sigh. She made it sure to give him the feelings of not being interested in him so that he can just fuck off however it least worked on him. Instead, Vivian caressed her inner thighs rolling his fingers adjacent to her vagina seductively.

It sent a current of emotions that was ready to explode within her. She was damn angry yet his touch did not fail to get on her breaths and kill her cries as they were starting to replace with her soft moans. She badly tried to not let them out alas, his wolf ears could catch the smallest of gasp she held in her mouth.

"Just get away, prig!" She kicked him on his chest with such velocity that made him fall back on his ass on the ground. The looks of disappointment were as evident as his anger on his dimpled cheeks.

She cannot fight with him. He was strong and an alpha who knew to dominate her! She found it way better to run than standing here and submitting to his excitement. How can she forget, he comes to her when he is deep horny and needs some solace that can only be provided by that stupid mate of his who was rejected and currently his rival's live in relationship girlfriend!

Having gathered her bag Hazel hurried to move toward the

your baby boyfriend has something to do with her."

With the completion of that statement, he shot loads of his semen inside her while the same time she exploded too. Vivien smiled contently watching how their mixed up juices leaked out of her hole falling on her thighs. Before getting out of her, he gave a tight loud spank on the same butt that held the teeth mark turning the skin red.

"And you know what!"... He turned around gripping her butt close. "I will find out what is wrong with him and what is it he is hiding! I am sure after you'd know it you will realize that you committed your life's biggest mistake rejecting me because after he is unveiled to everyone, he will leave you. And if you'd try to come back to me with expectation that I will accept

Since we were mates then know this beforehand, That. I. Am. Not. Going. To. Accept. You. As. My. Mate. Rather, I will choose someone else to be my Luna." He was calm when he said that whine Hazel stared him with stupor playing in her eyes.

They stared each other reading each other's expressions. It wasn't obvious what he said, he meant. Vivian sided away her hairs giving a close view to her red eyes and crimson nose. Her cheeks were flushed not because of the session they made out but because of the past crying.

Even there were dried out line of tears on her cheeks. "I just want to make it clear that this means nothing to me. It was just a rough hard fuck that I needed at this moment to ease my mind. It can't be practised on a Virgin girl you know, providing that I had to come to you!" She felt bad hearing that.

Hazel could not even raise her voice and fight back because she enjoyed every bit of his torture that she didn't feel like saying anything else. ''By the way, I hope this will only be OUR little secret as it's been since two months, hmm. Don't involve your boyfriend in this. He certainly won't like to learn that we fucked together and enjoyed it! " In the last times, they just kissed a couple of times but today, they went farther than that.

Never mind, Vivian only leaned in kissing her lips one last time as firmly as he can before going away like the speed of light while Hazel only blinked her eyes trying to register everything!


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