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   Chapter 22 I Promise I won't!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7780

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The hustle bustle was no more alive in the canteen. All the students were shoved away by the bullies as they sat there alone regretting the lecture they just got publicly humiliated into! Hazel cried severely that her face turned blenched, and she struggled to regain her composure.

"All of you just go the fuck away! I don't want anyone here. What were you doing there when she insulted me there on the ground? Why didn't you come forward to defend me. I just hate you all." She screamed whirling her face madly as Ryley tried to control her.

She was hurt for being defeated in front of the entire class. And on top of that the one who made her taste defeat was someone she hated to the core. "Please Hazel control yourself." Ryley requested calmly whispering near her face. He gently pushed away the hair from her face only to notice how red her skin has developed due to contrast crying.

"You go to hell before anybody else Ryley Shine! That whore insulted your girlfriend and you did not even come to see me whether I was hurt. I hate you more than these idiots" She screamed on his face hitting him on the chest at the same time. Her annoyance was not for wrong.

Indeed, he should have come ahead to look for her injuries! Rather he idiotically kept rooted in his spot like a dumb head. "I am sorry baby I was too shocked to react. Trust me I really didn't know she will throw you like Brock Lesnar!" He truthfully said pinching his throat still he cannot refuse the throw was damn furious. He used correct words though.

It was more like Brock Lesnar's German Suplex where he throws the opponent on the back by gripping them in a bear hug. However, that was not Hazel expecting to hear from his mouth. That sounded more like an appreciation toward her! She clenched her jaw as the tears streamed in queue down her cheeks.

She summoned up all her strength pushing hard that he kind of fell back on the lockers creating a hard thud noise. "I hate you. She hurt your girlfriend and you are praising her for it!" She vigorously kicked her legs in the air while the guys around helplessly watch her die at the insult she bore.

It was worth a watch. They themselves were baffled to see a human timid girl show their friend stars during day light. They cannot take off that scene when the entire population of their

ng out a long breath.

Silence surrounded them for quite more than expected time. Hazel ceased to cry yet her sobs echoed in the air. "So you really won't mind if we do anything to her, will you?" Zander announced out of the blue. "Yes I definitely understood your point of view. And don't forget I am going to be your beta which means, my responsibilities will be more or less important as that of yours. I love Jason and I always will. But on a serious note, I really think we ought to give Valen a dose before anybody else dare raising their finger on us! " It was dangerous.

Zander knew what he was talking and also the outcome. He is Ryley's best friend, and he knows what can make him tame himself around Valen. If he really have something in his heart for her than it has to be removed now otherwise, it will bring in bad consequences.

There was silence again. Ryley wished this to meet its end soon. He does not want to drag this any further regardless, Zander's next statement pushed him in the oceans of dilemma. "So you really don't have any to do with her except she is Jason's everything!"

Looking here and there Ryley hissed badly. Was he delivering a 'How to be a good boy' speech till now! "Was I baking buns all this while!" he asked raising a brow to which they quickly nodded in no. "So, do the heck you want with her! I promise I will not utter a fucking word, let alone my disappointment."

Ryley announced publicly unaware of the mountain of pain he has called upon himself that will make him regret later!


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