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   Chapter 21 Grand Land!

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"So students today I have decided that we will play a game. Your Defence class have always been a fun, haven't it? We learned many different techniques how to defend yourself, drop someone on their knees without applying any energy, to faint someone by pressing in correct places on the neck and back, how to tame your opponent and defeat them without hurting them! Right. "

All the students from both the badges were made to stand in a circle. The professor stood among them in the circle revising all the techniques they learned so far. The day was cool as compared to other sunny days, regardless there was someone in the crowd who was burning.

Ryley and his gang. They can't see how Valen and Vivian whispered to each other, poked each other's arm playfully enjoying the moment. Ryley could say why was it happening, all because of Vivian and his plans. "So that is why I thought we will play Grand Land." As the teacher quoted the game, Ryley's friends gave out an excited hoot turning everyone curious.

Seemed like they knew how to play it!

It was ensured they every well knew the game when the teacher sadly smiled watching them celebrate while the others except the students from Ryley's classmates gulped in tension looking at them enjoying it suddenly. "Why are they so happy?" Valen inquired tapping on Vivian's shoulder.

He seemed irritated. The kind of looks his face shown with, it was adamant he was regretting being a part of this class. Better if he had just bunked it! "It's very simple Valen but very intriguing to them!" That is all he said unable to take in their happy and delighted faces.

Valen wondered what could be so amusing that they have started to squeal in pleasure that replaced their sad faces! "First Years!" the teacher clapped twice turning all the gazes to himself. "Back to the class please. Okay, so we were talking about the game Grand Land. It is very simple and good. You learn how to make use of your techniques you have learned so far and correct your mistakes too." Zander hiss disappointingly at the teachers' statement.

He immediately turned his back to the teacher putting his one arm on Clarke's shoulder laughing out slowly and sarcastically. " Dude I seriously don't understand all the teachers! " He exclaimed ironically that Ryley and Hazel chuckled. "Just tell me why do they beat around the bush to explain such simple concepts."

So true. Why can't they just directly come to the point rather than talking about here and there. The teacher very well heard them however he still kept going on with no interruption letting to affect him. Like any other teacher he knew them very well!

"Again!" he howled crazily. His ears impatiently craved to hear that simple sentence regarding the game. "I will leave roaches in his boxers if he continues it any further." Sighing boringly Zander threw his head on Ryley's shoulder.

"So student let me tell you how we play this game." as soon that sentence echoed in the dry cool day, Zander shot his head up curiously. He took his spot facing the teacher as he begun the topic that he badly desired him to speak about. "So we will call two students at a time here in this ri

p him on the ground! "Anyway next pair, Hazel and Valen." The silence that was prevailing earlier darkened when the new pair was announced to come in the ring.

There was no movement around. All the pupils were fixed on Valen visioning her bleeding face or for that matter a broken hand or limb! She was a human and no matter how well she fights in the ring, she will end up losing it to Hazel for like her friends she will too utilise her powers and win this match!

They held their breaths when both the girls walked in the rings from the opposite side of the circle. Hazel would definitely try to take her revenge on her for humiliating her. No doubts! Valen could see how her friends were cursing her. "Come on Haze, kill the weak lady bug!" She heard Clarke shout on her back that Hazel chuckled.

"Don't worry, a weak human cannot take this match from my grip!" Hazel replied overconfidently!

"Okay girls, are you ready!" Mr. Duke asked as the two of them took their positions. They nod in unison showing their agreement and, "Go ahead!" Mr. Duke shrieked increasing the passion in their chest.

No sooner have his words vanished in the thin air than Hazel snarled running to thrash Valen just like how his dear friend did to Hawkins. Regardless, her hope of scourging Valen, remained as her hope only when Valen smartly bear hugged her from the back thus terminating her to the land making everyone sing loudly, 'Grand Land, Grand Land'

That's what we called a, Grand Land!'

Hazel blankly stared her still trying to register how did that happen. Her friends in the back astonishingly stared her too with the same expressions that Hazel held on her shocked face!

"Power and fear cannot defeat anyone but smartness and some techniques do! And what have you said, 'a weak human can't win this match against you!" Valen repeated her words bending down across hazel.

"See I am a human, and I won!" Having chipped that Valen sprinted out of the ring toward Vivian who smilingly stared her.

'Definitely there is something in her that is interesting!' he thought seeing her from up to down.


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