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   Chapter 20 Defence class!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7677

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Next day in school, The bell for the completion of first lecture rang. All the students wished Miss. Calida a good afternoon after she wrapped the classes up. Some went to talk to her regarding the assignment she gave while some made their ways out. Regardless, our poor Valen sat in her place sighing defeatedly.

She saw how their teacher explained and provided the ideas to do the work with craving eyesight. "They are all busy finishing their assignments off and here I have not even started mine!" she pouted to herself looking behind on the second last bench of the last row toward the end at his place.

She can't suppress her annoyance as the memories of the last day rushed through her mind, " To hell with the team assignment. Now I will do it on my own." Standing up whilst having made her determination Valen wore her bag on her right shoulder moving out of the class.

On her way to the main hall of the school across the entrance she glanced through her time table. 'Defence class' it read. She sighed scratching her head lazily at the realization because it was shared with Hazel, Zander, Clarke and Ryley otherwise majority of her classes were with the bully Ryley alone.

She can handle him when he is not with his gang coz he behaves quite normally around her unlike his behaviour around his friends. Notwithstanding a sense of disappointment got through that she clenched her jaw moving toward the locker room. Why was she even thinking about them! About him.

Valen unlocked her cabinet taking out a pair of clothes that they were expected to wear in defence class. A white knee length leggings with a fit High Impact Padded Sports Bra. She pulled her loose hair in a high pony and a sweat wrist bands in both the hands.

The bell for the beginning of second lecture rung. "Shit I must hurry up now!" she breathed quickly stuffing in her bag. Closing behind the locker Valen stared at it while the looks of disgust appeared on her face.

Weren't they standing here last day doing their usual shitty thing together shamelessly! She fisted her palm at the thought. It was not actuality the time to curse or shame them, she was getting late for her class. Valen picked her sipper running all the way from there until she reached the ground where the others were present al

o smiled victoriously in reflex.

She was not pleased to have him around her in normal days however she can't thank him enough for coming ahead as her saviour all the time. He was a flirt but a good irritate who would do anything to bother the bully gang. And here he was ought to come since it was related to his ungrateful slutty mate!

"Enough of your crap, students! Why can't you just avoid fighting and behave like other students." Zander's mouth formed an oval out of astonishment realizing that the teacher was addressing and his friends directly. So for him, Valen and Vivian were not at fault. Great! "I very well know what you guys are capable of so stop playing" he charged Zander eyeing his other friends.

"But sir, we didn't to anything. It was them." Pointing over at the two Zander said.

"I know who did what, now better you go back to your place or else i will have to take strict action against you all. Am I clear Valen!" he raised his brow shooting a glance at her who immediately chipped a sorry moving backward followed by Vivian.

"I love you for it Valen!" Vivian gave her a side hug.

"For what?" she questioned quizzically.

"For that!" he replies pointing Hazel who was massaging her arm with painful expressions.

The both of them let out a humorous laugh followed by a high five. So he was thanking her for hurting Hazel. Ohh how can she not remember, Hazel is— Uhh, was his mate. And how can she not notice that her current boyfriend was darting deathly glares in her way!


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