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   Chapter 19 Burning sight!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8126

Updated: 2019-11-08 13:51

It felt awesome to walk in the empty corridors of the school. For the first time in so many days, Ryley felt so joyous enjoying the alone time with himself. No negative vibes around, no tension, nothing. Just him and only him everywhere you see from, walking proudly toward his locker.

Still, his lips adored the same old smile throughout the time he left the classroom. No doubt she was crazy but the thing that excited him more was her confidence. Like other girls, she did not hesitate to talk to him after sharing such an intimate moment with him. In fact, she had the audacity to message him that symbolized more of her aggression within the text she sent him.

He was purposely avoiding messaging her. Firstly, because of his friends those were sitting around who couldn't doubt him and secondly, because of her cute annoyance. He could imagine her hymphing aggressively for not getting any reply from his end.

Never mind, it was late now. Few minutes from now and the sky would be complete black with white dots highlighting in it, the stars. Ryley stopped in his track looking down at the floor slapping his forehead. How can he miss the important element about this darkness— she is scared of it, Uhh the two eyes of his those she has spotted unwantingly twice in her life and freaking out in the end!

He was battling with his mind whether to drop her home or stay here until his friends come with the crates of beer. Ryley lightly tug on his hairs torturing his mind to make the decision fast. "Thinking about me baby!" Hazel's voice reach him in the ear making him turn around.

He forced a smile biting his lower lip in order to convey how much intrigued he was with her presence. Ryley eventually arced his eye brow with mouth turning into prefect O shape after setting his retina closely on her body. She has changed her clothes. Now the little crop top that only supported her large breasts yet revealing them from the cleavage was soothing to his eyes, one of its sleeve was pulled down making her shoulder to gleam in the lights like a white pearl. The mini— Uhh, the micro skirt was no exception if you compare it with the size of her top. No doubts, she was beautiful as heck!

"Hmm not really but now I really do!" Ryley dived into the ocean of infatuation whilst pulling her close by her bare waist. His fingers lingered around her skin touching her soft skin taking his own time.

Well, the reason i

ho dares to ruin their good time.

Needless to say, they smiled at each other not before sensing her disagreement at what they were up to. "Hmm so now you have started to spy on us. Why don't you just go and get life or should I say you really like to roam behind me and my boyfriend." Valen rolled her red eyes putting forth her denial.

She folded her hands looking away trying to maintain that 'I don't give a damn to you two' look while she continued to mock her. " I've been very lenient to you Valen but if you are planning to seduce my alpha mate than I am warning you, you will have it from me!" For him it was just a mere taunt but what he didn't know was that she was indeed telling the truth. It was adamant on her face That her words were no excuse!

Anyway, there was nothing Valen did. She stood in her spot looking at her with an uninterested look. "Please, don't call a stray dog a German Shepherd!" She taunted walking to them. "Now the faster you get aside the quicker I will be with my locker and leave." She said signalling them to give her some access to her locker.

Without any further argument the two of them stepped in aside still trying to evaluate her statement. Ryley can't take his eyes of her body though her face was hiding against the door of her locker then also he can say she was annoyed.

And before he could get onto any conclusion, he saw her locking the door of her cabinet.

Valen breathed deeply shooting a glance at him before she turned around and left. Something slithered her heart, that was his lips which she had tasted, stained with Hazel's lipstick.


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