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   Chapter 18 Assignment!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8394

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A month later, In the evening, 'Where are you, I am waiting for you in the class since twenty minutes! Are you even going to come Ryley!'

Hitting the message sent button Valen stomped her foot whining at his stubbornness. It was her fifth message sent on WhatsApp to him to come over in the class and sit with her to discuss for the team project they were given by their IT teacher for creating a website.

Ryley did forcibly become her partner but never came to discuss about the project they were expected to do together. "What the!" Valen clenched her jaw looking at the two blue tickets beside the message she sent with disbelieving expressions. "Seen but no reply?" she stared at the ticks while the anger inside her chest kept on increasing to another level.

'Ryley this is my last message— Are you willing to work with me on the assignment or not. Tell me clearly. I am not going to waste my time behind you again and again.'

She typed hitting the send button. And to her surprise it was seen again but as usually no reply received from his end. This was enough, "Go to hell. If you think I can't do it without you then you are wrong Ryley Shine. And thanks again for proving that you are the typical bully bastard." She cursed him collecting her books that were scattered on the desk.

Her books were out since the first lecture. In the morning it was him who messaged her to come earlier for the project thing however throughout the day he kept on avoiding her. It was damn awkward to face him ever since that night. Yes, after that night he neither bothered her nor did he let his friends do anything too.

Valen tried umpteen times to talk to him and hit a constructive conversation yet, he being the bastard reserved himself to be as ignorant as he can. He never talked nor did he let her talk thus, in the end making her feel as though the kiss was doing him worse.

It was her first kiss which he ruined and now he was being a tough nut to be cracked when it should be her who was reckoned to behave like that. Her face fell at the realization. Weren't things already messed up between them that he had to add up to it? She let out a sigh closing her eyes.

"Why can't I get that kiss out of my head. What was so special about it!" She exclaimed to herself tiredly.

It would have been wonderful if she had known the answers of her indefinite questions. Something inside of her body ignited every time she thought about it. Leave that, her nights have become a bit more complicated a

threw it on her face walking back to the door.

Valen hurriedly went through all her data to make sure he didn't mess up with it. She mentally hit her forehead for not locking her phone with a security lock. "What about the assignment?" he was not even completely gone out of the classroom when her irking voice resonated in his ears.

Having frustratingly hissed in irritation he turned around eyeing her dangerously, "I do it whenever I want. You are not allowed to ask me anything about it. And if I don't come then wait till the evening, still if I don't show up just pack your fucking bag and leave but don't call me. Is that clear to you! "

Her mouth has formed a clear O shape in rude awakening listening him say that before disappearing from here sight. " Dumb fuck. Ryley the rascal. Mother fucker. Idiot. Stupid. Scum bag. Dick head. Bad bully bastard." She screamed on top of her voice fisting her fingers not being able to stand his words after recalling them for confirmation again.

Any which ways, Valen hurriedly collected her stuff. She constantly murmured low curses for him out of anger. " Just come when I ask you to, sit here, wait for me until I come, blah blah blah. Stupid bitch. He really thinks I will follow him! My foot." She blabbered, perplexed marching out of the class and completely failing to look at the intruder who saw everything that happened inside.

" Hmmm very interesting. I wasn't wrong about them. So this is what Ryley was upto!" Wearing his hoodie cap, he adjusted his glares on his nose bridge earlier than vanishing in the dark passageway opposite to where Valen walked through.

Were they being stalked?


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