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   Chapter 17 First kiss!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 12591

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All the while his eyes were glued on her body. He was though involved in cracking jokes with his friends, engulfed in hazel's embrace despite that there was only one thing that has the ability to break his focus and distract him.


Her every move made him direct his eyes in that direction and read her features. Nobody has ever intrigued him like this. Yeah, he was in shock too after realizing how his body reacted to her words and other things but there was nothing he could do! Emotions can't be controlled, can they be?

In fact, it was only her voice, that chiming tone ringing in her voice was only the sound he could focus on. The hearing abilities of his concentrated more on her words. He frequently smiled when she talked to Milan mimicking her baby voice in a childish way. Her laughter resonates in his ears.

He was having a hard time defining those currents that ran down his body however within him, his wolf was happier than anybody else in this entire place. Not because baby Milan was happy and enjoying her day but because he could see how their mates presence affected this idiot.

Shine played and danced inside him feeling whatever Ryley felt. He wanted to say so many things, ask him to finally accept that he was attracted to her, no backing out now still, he kept mum not wanting to ruin his mood. He knew his partner, he need no reason to get convulsed.

Never mind, now it was time for murdering the cake. "Zander take Milan in your arms. I will go and get the cake and knife."

"Sure mom!" On his mother's assertion Zander hopped down the table walking near them.

His lips pursed together in annoyance watching his baby sister playing with her hairs. She seemed so excited that she held her close kissing her jaw lovingly. "Haww so much love for me!" Valen exclaimed with a light chuckled.

It did not last for long providing that Milan was harshly taken away from her arms by her cruel brother. "There is only hatred for you in this house as well as in this world." He spat with hatred hugging his sister close who innocently glanced biting her little fingers blankly. "And she will also understand that with passing time. Right baby! She is a bad girl, a bitch!" Valen moved backward feeling his murderous gaze on her face.

She is very well aware that they all hated her but it was not expected. And the way he taught Milan to address her as bitch it hurt her more. Like what could be so strong as reason to hate her! Valen lowered her head trying to neglect the forlorn feeling that gas started to engulf her.

She fidgeted with the end of her top knowing nothing what to do now. She was straight forward, and she very well knew how to deal with them alas sometimes they said way too many things that hit her badly thus shaking her to the core.

"Say baby, Valen is a bitch. Say. " He taught Milan who indeed repeated his words with applauses relishing the sentence, unknowingly. "That's like my girl." He pecked her forehead eyeing Valen who was trying hard not to burst into tears.

He smiled victoriously realizing that his words worked and successfully managed hurt her! He did not get the opportunity to share it with his friends as his mother has returned with the aforementioned stuff. She pushed a trolley in her front that has a three layer cake on it, with the top layer decorated with cartoons and a small baby wolf in the centre surrounded by flowers.

"Come on children, everyone come here." She clapped her hands twice in order to grab everyone's attention.

All the children occupied the spaces around the trolley while Mrs. Brown passed a knife to Zander asking him to assist his sister. "Come on Melly, let's cut your cake." He bent down on his knees to match the level of the trolley. He pl


He waited for her to make a move and follow him however just as impatient as he was he sucked in a deep breath tapping his foot on the ground. "You should be happy then, don't you think! You and your friends want to see me in pain after all. It will be a good sight for you to watch if a rogue attacks on me. Your friends will get a chance to celebrate! " She finally moved from her place looking deep in his eyes after finishing her words.

So, Shine was correct. It was his friends who did something. But what! What can make her feel low. " Ain't I right Ryley! " She let out a laugh controlling her tears.

"What. Are. You talking? I don't know anything." Yeah, he would like to see her gone but having her being attacked by a rogue is not something he wishes her to see ever in her life again. He still remembers that day when he and his father found her stained in blood under a rogue attack within their territory.

In fact, that is another reason why she gets nightmares! And on top of that she was never told that she was a victim of rogue attack. It can worsen her mental stability if told ever at a wrong time, she is still not mentally fine as she should be. And providing that she is his unfortunate mate, he will never wish to have her go through anything that will indirectly turn him weak for no matter how much he hates her, she is only going to remain his mate till the last breath!

" You know very well what I am talking about Ryley. Now don't be so innocent, it does not suit you. You are a bully and, innocent and you have no connection at all!" She exclaimed raging him up.

If he had acted as a bully that he is at the time of saving her than she wouldn't have been standing here with him! Bloody ungrateful! " Ohh hello! I am talking nicely with you does not give you the chance to accuse me unnecessarily. Shut the fuck up and come in." Having enough of her, Ryley held her wrist pulling her behind him.

Notwithstanding, she jerked away his hand followed by a harsh push that made him stumble with his steps. " You are a bully bastard and I hate you. I hate you, your friends and your entire kind!" With that having said Valen shed a stream of tears effusing her disappointment.

"You deserve to be insulted in the same way you do to me. Bloody bull—" That was it, earlier than she could complete that sentence she was pinned to the tree behind and before she knew what was it for, he locked his both the arms around her waist smacking her lips ferociously.


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