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   Chapter 16 Unusual Feelings!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 11443

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No sooner have turned around than Valen grasped for air as soon as her eyes rested on his face. She did not know she was standing behind him, in a way that the side of her hip almost touched his arm. She has completely forgotten she was standing so close to someone and that someone was him— the leader of the bully gang.

"Give her a good lesson buddy! She needs something solid!" Yeoman's encouraging tone reached only to them.

It rather seemed a double meaning sentence that focuses on something worse other than a good lesson as he described it!

Valen moved a bit away maintaining some distance. All of a sudden her courage faded away just by looking at his face. He had some powers that has the audacity to control her. May be it was his personality that was playing with her mind. She turned her eyes to Yeoman at Riley's back giving him hard gazes.

She will have to agree, he looked hot! His dressing sense is better than any other guy in their gang. "I heard you say something, can you-" he took a pause and utilized this time to give her body a thorough glance from heels to her hair. "Please just repeat your words again, Valen?" She emphasized on her name sending quite hard cold chills rush down her blood vessels.

She was not really scared of him; not at least in front of his dadda or the alpha but yet, there was something in him that often kept her occupied. " That— was your problem that you didn't hear me once. I don't repeat my words again." She swigged her anxiety struggling to sound confident while looking right in his eyes, brown eyes that spoke about some secrets, some infatuation and obviously some excitement that could not to comprehended!

Valen seldom saw his face and more concentrated on his back at his tempering gang who had the urge to kill her right there. It could be seen in their eyes. However, that hardly mattered to her for it was not them who calmed her down but him and his attracting arena.

Ryley tilted his head in the left a bit as he focused on her face prominently. Her lips seemed appealing. Uhh, if he is not wrong than this is the first time he was seeing her wearing lipstick! And he had to admit it, it did the perfect work of making her a piece of seduction that has started its work on his body beforehand.

"It's okay Ryley we will deal with her later. Let her go!" Hazel hung on his left arm standing beside him with erected body. She possessively held his arm instantly interweaving their fingers together.

It was actually not her but her insecurity that gets on the high whenever she comes near him. Don't know about the others tough she has very well noticed the change in his body language around her. Either he goes stiff or smiles unnecessarily like how he did now.

The others were enjoying her cusses against Jason and her. Needless to say, he sat as an exception with no smile or laugh curving his lips however as soon as she remarked on his back over her words, he busted into victorious smile that never left his lips until now.

Yeah, he did stand up and take Yeoman's side supporting him but his actions seemed no pleasing though. He was more of checking out her from north to south totally failing to listen to her words which he would have otherwise thrashed her with a punch for.

He was still staring her with silent prevailing him, Hazel disgustingly glared Valen cursing her inaudibly. She had to shake him vigorously to pul

in your place then she would not have been able to open her mouth!" he added further fuming anger as they all watch her talk to his mother smilingly.

"Her mouth! Yes, it opens too much." Ryley chip perplexed by her chiming laughs and smile that never left her lip. He emptied the content of his glass in a go focusing his retina on her body.

It was not going good at all. Hazel fidgeted with the end of her top biting her lips in anxiety." Okay guys let her be. Don't think about her much. Have you forgotten what I said before, we will deal with her later. In the school. For now let's just enjoy the evening, see how happy Milan is. Zander, forget it now for Milan's sake. We will do something but later, not now. " She said more nervously than ever.

Her fingers curled around Zander's arm insisting him indirectly to control his bad ass friend for she knows it if he loses his mind then he will end up doing something regretful! " Yes Ryley let's enjoy the evening. Let's not do anything now. We will see her later. Perhaps tomorrow in the school." on understanding her uncertainty Zander sighed in defeat.

He is aware of her dilemma and her love toward Ryley. He will not appreciate if he does something that hurts her. "Who said I am going to do anything today!" His only sentence and they all smiled in relief. "In fact I will not even let her do anything to us tonight anyway, it's Milan's day, remember! And we have decided to not make any regretful memory today." They all nodded in agreement as Ryley slowly walked at the window in the back looking at the beautiful sky.

Hazel too approached him. She rubbed her palm on his cheek resting her weight on his body. Bonus for them for they were hidden behind their friends, "I love you Ryley." otherwise it could drop wrong impression on the kids playing around.

In reflex, he forced a smile giving her every chance to touch his body intimately. She entwined their fingers whilst murdering the gap between them. "I love you too." Ryley faked love before she smacked her lips on his kissing him affectionately.

Alas, the slightest of idea did she have that her loveable boyfriend has a murderous idea going on in his head! Which was nothing but the beginning of their end that will drift them apart!


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