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   Chapter 15 His.... Bold bae!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8154

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Author's point of view...

Valen was supposed to directly get to the beta's house for his little girl's birthday party that was held only for the pack. The others were desired to be called by Zander but his father did not consider it. He very well knew what the others he was referring to. Obviously, a bunch of his stupid friends and their mannerless parents who's got more clumsiness than their children.

He simply did not want any third person other than the members of his pack (that too the close ones) to be a part of their happiness. His little daughter who he was not actually considering would make this far. She was weak and born a premature infant who doctor Jason has already said while handing her to her parents that she might not be able to live even for a week.

But just look at her, she has turned two today. Anyway Valen paired up a black skirt that ended above her mud thighs with a white full sleeves top with a round neck which highlighted her full breasts through the fabric that looked awesome with black block heels. She did not have much time and that is why she tied up her curled hairs in a high pony removing a strand of hair from the either side looking breath taking.

Her lips were pink naturally, yet she coloured it with red lipstick that she had bought few months ago in a sale. The shade suited her white flawless skin. And after she applied thick liner making wings in the end followed by mascara of her natural thick lashes, she looked gorgeous.

"Shit I am late!" She breathed looking at the screen of her phone that has plenty missed calls from her father while looking for the time. "I was expected there to be at seven and it's seven forty five now! I must hurry." She talked to herself in the mirror while plugging the screws of small white pearl earrings behind her ear. Also, she looked for some complimenting neck wear but unsuccessfully sighed finding none.

She bit her lower lip searching for something nice. Her phone rung again and as expected it was her concerned dadda whose name flashed on the screen. "Hell with a neck piece, I better leave!" Dropping the idea for a neck piece she scurried down the stairs not before taking her phone and little black clutch.

Getting inside her red nano car, Valen buckled up her seat belt henceforth joining the other vehicles on the roads.


At Kaiden Brown's (The Beta) house, Old MACDONALD had a farm


And on his f

derstood that, yet he kept quiet letting his friends pass unnecessary comments on Jason. "I feel like puking on his face now. He disgusts me, who has asked him to adopt that slut! Idiot."

They were having good time making fun of Jason. Moreover, on Hazel's outburst for now even they knew why was she talking like that. It was going great

Until, "Then why don't you just go to the wash room and empty your stomach Hazel. You will feel good. Or should I say that You have forgotten that kick of mine, I think! You want me to replay the scene here?" They all turned their heads to the door only to find a breathtaking Valen standing with her hands resting on her butt and eyes glaring them hard except Riley.

His back was facing her and all of a sudden a small smile crept on his lips listening to her angry tone. "Nah let it be, I can see that burn marks on your face very well that happened due to my well given kick. Even your expensive make up failed to hide it! So sad!" She feigned to sound sad.

He could very well assume her pouting her lips. Riley licked his lower lip enjoying the moment unlike earlier where he sat unaffected and bored. His lips never leaving that victorious smile. " Ehh Valen mind your tongue or else!"

"Or else!" Interrupting Yeoman, Valen repeated his words giving him tough looks.

Although Riley enjoyed it but the fact that she was bad mouthing them The Wild Wolves made him blink his eyes with an annoyed look. So, with a swift move he turned around this standing face to face in front of her thus skipping her beats!

It was now time for the hero to make his move!


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