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   Chapter 14 I'll prove you that!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 16030

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Ryley's point of view...

The heat between the two of us was up again. If here I was astonishingly staring his face still recalling his sentence again and again in my head then on the contrary, Vivian had his same old irking smirk pasted on his lips that could kill anybody's happy mood.

In fact, he did kill my mood!

Good there was nobody around otherwise the person would have ended up becoming a fried chicken under the psychological fire that the two of us emitted against each other. "And I think I even know the girl's name!" I swigged my nervousness arching my brows, I yet feigned as if I was not taking his words seriously at all however from within, my heart was having a hard battle with my stupid fucking wolf who was screaming that whatever Vivian spoke was fucking true.

"Ohh really! May I know her name? She must have to be as hot as your mate, woo!" In order to pretend how funny that was, and to provoke Vivian, I chuckled going closer to him while at the same time I had to wipe away my forehead feeling no good.

But I still feel that he knows something more than necessary information about me. Something that was not supposed to be known by anyone!

'Dude I am telling you he knows about our mate!'

Only I know how badly do I suppress my anger against this dumb fuck wolf of mine.

"Just shut the fuck up Shine or else!" I was busy talking to Shine when all of a sudden Vivian held me by the collars while whispering something in my ear.

"Hmm you know what I am talking about and who I am talking about! It is visible on your face my best friend but any ways, it was nice to talk to you. Bye."

Leaving me with ample of questions developing in my brain, he turned around swiftly getting out of my sight while I stood there having a battle with my own self.

'Why did his words affect me so much damn it! What does he know about me'


It was now time for her arrival, and that is why I insisted my friends to go and sit near the entrance so that I can see whenever she comes. They did not mind at all. Still, they knew why was I so eager to go there and sit with others in the crowd! Obviously, they know I want to share my happiness with our dear friend, Valentine.

Okay so it has been half an hour since we left the canteen and luckily we did not spot that stupid Vivian's face since then. Yeah! I wish to see him because I would like to caress his cute cheeks with my hardest punch.

If he thinks he can trap me in his words and bother me then he is wrong! Ryley Shine is not someone who can be defeated so easily. I don't have any weakness and I will never have one ever. He must know that if I can have his mate as my girlfriend with benefits than I can have anything! His life too. And if he is planning to get me caught in the web that he is building for me then he should know, I don't get caught but I kill.

There are many other things which I want to focus on. I will deal with him. As for now it is my sweetest darling, Valen. She loves to poke her nose in my business too much right, now I will tell what happens when anyone tries to mess with us.

"Dude she is here! Your target." I was too busy in my reverie that I failed to notice she was here. Jason has come to drop her today.

As soon as my eyes fell on her figure, I but my lower lip. She seems weak but beautiful. The waist length tight top suite her. I hated to admit but even the blue trousers paired up with it complimented her well. My wolf drooled over her body just as she came to our view.

After jumping, palming his face, and drooling whilst admiring her seducing body, he swooshed down commenting that got on my nerves, 'Ohh that waist! Why don't you just touch that slender waist of hers. I can't resist her beauty! Oh my! God kill me, she is too beautiful to be this dumb fuck's mate.'

After closing the door she bid Jason bye. There were lines on her forehead, they only come when she is anxious about something

It is after two days that she came to the school right after that incident on my birthday.

She has not spotted me with my friends near the gate yet and that was why her face was gleaming with freshness and an exciting feeling that said how much she missed school for two day. Why not, our school is the most famous wolfs school in the entire United States. My father funds it and maintains everything along with discipline here.

"I will just come guys, you stay here!" I announced to my friends to which they firmly nodded. Zander also gave me a pinch on the waist while moved from the spot where I was standing.

We both know what I am upto. You can say I am like that book which is only read by him. He knows me inside out but some secrets are only limited to me. Any ways, I pulled up the sleeves of my t-shirt while inside of

under me against the wall.

She wriggled, tried to get me off of her body, scratched my hands but all in loss. She could not fight me, I was stronger and mad at her. " Ryley! Let go of me." Soon as her chiming voice reached my ears I recalled my wolf's words.

'Why don't you touch that slender waist of hers!'

And I did exactly the same!

There were tears in her eyes, and I have no freaking idea why for she liked it some hours ago. She loved to be touched by him then why not me! What was so wrong that she has to cry like an innocent girl who hasn't ever been touched or kissed.

"Ryley!" Cried she. But honestly, She need to not pretend to be so clean handed in front of me for I know what she is. A bitch who just likes to stick to good looking guys and get fucked. That girl in the campus was correct though. And guess what I was proved right when amidst her tears she moaned like a horny slut who was enjoying my touch. She was liking me going upward inside her top stopping below her breasts.

"Cry!!! Cry more Valen!" Having enough of her fakeness I blew up. "But I wonder why didn't you cry the same way in his arms, because from what I saw this proximity is nothing in front what you had with him!" I growled.

Indeed, what is the point of acting so pure when everybody is aware of her real self! "Just leave me Ryley?" She shivered under me, it was ironical to see that state of hers yet it was clear as crystal she was just acting. "Why do you care if he touches me?" she shouted on my face. "Rather why don't you just go and mind your own business?"

"Just shut up????" After doing so many things she still had the audacity to scream in front of me.

"Yes I care when he touches you!!! And It is my business and I will mind it in my own way!" I was clueless as to why did I make that statement! "I am warning you Valentine, STAY. AWAY. FROM HIM. Stay away from everyone in the college otherwise it will not be good for you and for the ones you love!"

I was breathing as heavily as her. Our breaths mingled, our lips were just few inches away from kissing. Not only me, but my words affected her too. She could not understand what I meant and I think she did not listen what I said in the end. And to make it aware to her, I repeated my words again. ""If you don't want to lose your loved ones, just stay away from everyone else in the school!"

With that I let go of her. She stood blank in the same posture trembling severely. It was getting harder for me to control my desires around her, and so I decided to leave. Therefore, after giving her a last glance I exited swiftly going as far as possible from her.

I will not let her affect me. I will not let her play with my emotions. I will not fall in her trap of innocence. She is just a weak human who cannot help herself, I just saw the demo there. How will she handle the duties of a Luna?

I was correct, she doesn't deserve to be my mate.

Ruffling my hairs I came to the parking lot near my bike, hopping on it as I wore the helmet Shine exclaimed, 'Try as much as you can to avoid her Ryley, in the end you will find yourself in her arms.'

"No ways Shine! And I will prove you that."


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