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   Chapter 13 Waiting for her!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7276

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Ryley's point of view...

After a hectic gym session I decided to head to the school. I cannot wait to see her (Valen) face when she would come to know the classes are combined, and I am her partner! Her expressions would be worth watching. I can at least give her some added shocks, she is my damn mate after all!

When she can give me the best of shocks then isn't it my duty to revert it back to her!

It is.

It hardly took me fifteen minutes to take a shower. In a minute, I was in my clothes, pairing up a loose track pants with a white t-shirt having a thick stripe of black on the either sleeves in the front, I looked great. Well to be clear, this tee was gifted to me by Hazel and I never wore it.

She has good taste of fashion but I never liked it. She is a bit too sassy and most of the times she gets me clothes which compliments her. Even she has a one piece dress with the same theme, a black stripe from the left side from the front. And if she is anyway informed that I am wearing this then nobody will be able to stop her from twinning with me!

Anyway soon I was in the premises of the school. Early morning by 6.28 am, quite early if you ask me for I am certainly not a early riser. Parking my Hayabusa in the lot as I took a step forward to cross the gates, "Hmm too early today, Shine! Any special reason." I pulled my foot back and eventually sighed rolling my eyes.


If you give me a chance to kill anyone in this world, it will be him, if you ask me. His face, whenever I see his face my mood gets spoilt." Aah I get it now, You and Hazel- in the school- something something!" he sheepishly grinned with looks that was provoking enough!

I replied with a smile too. I could notice the growing letdown on his face. It was adamant, he was angry for his plan did not work on me. " Is it something you hate? Uhh may be yes, who wouldn't hate when they know their mate is somebody else's girlfriend! So sad Vivy, Tch Tch Tch!" I patted on his back giving him some motivation.

His looks were too damn awesome to be ignored. The way he snarled crumpling his nose I cannot stop myself from adoring it. It hardly happens when I get the

ne, the man on the counter immediately nodded before going away to fetch my tray.

Though I am not very fond of garlic bread, yet I would like to try them today. I have heard they are very tasty!

'Why don't you just accept it- you want to try garlic bread because it is mate's favourite!'

My cunning dumb fuck wolf snorted interrupting me.

"Nobody asked you for your fucking opinions, just shut the fuck up and stay as silent as fuck like you always do!" I retorted turning him silent. "I don't like to talk to you, just go back somewhere in the corner of my head and die."

I was though waiting him to mock me back but luckily it did not come. It is good if my wolf stays silent, I really do not mind if he turns mute for his silence gives me more peace than his ears deafening voice. Whenever he opens his jaw, he wants to talk about her and praise her which is totally unbearable for me.

'I am not dying to talk to you either but accept it you are slowly accepting her.'

"Huh! What! I am slowly accepting her, what rubbish?"

I let out a sarcastic laugh, although I wished to fight more on this topic but this time Shine was really gone. And I hated it. Why he has to always go when I am not done speak-

"Agree or not Shine, you are really falling for her! That is fucking true"

My heart skipped few beats at the exclamation. Just as I turned around to look at the owner of the voice, I was petrified. "Vivian!"


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