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   Chapter 12 Warning!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 9662

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The final bell rang indicating the end of the first lecture. I sucked in a breath taking look around but only to have my eyes halt at the person sitting beside me, his eyes were already glued on my face, I don't since when but the way he stared at me, I could say it was not a good gaze.

I can bet something was definitely going on in his mind. Anyway, in order to escape from his nervousing gaze that set my veins on fire, I clutched my bag, stuffed back my tablet and other stuff that he forcibly took out so that I can go until, "Uhh Valen!" I looked up at Miss. Mendez approaching me with her books.

Her facial expressions spoke about the effect this guy (Ryley) was having on her. She was beautiful with big blue eyes, perfect waist and heavy boobs that threatened to come out of her shirt anytime, twenty eight years old Calida Mendez, our IT teacher, was behaving like a teenager.

What the fuck?

"Any special reason for gracing us with your approach Miss. Mendez?" Ryley stood up stretching his body, his muscles of the arms bulged out when he raised them high up arcing his back. The cracking noise of his bone signified how well built his body was and how much time he might be spending in the gym!

Give me a break!

I've had enough of this! Soon as I took a step forward to leave the two alone, I experienced my wrist was being held and before I knew I was pulled back. "Ouch?" the corner of the desk hit me in my waist waking up the pain in my lower body yet again.

I bent down taking support of the desk to stand still. It hit me exactly in the place where I was beaten that day. "Are you okay Valen!" so finally she got the time to look up at me from his face, so wow!

I anyway nodded in yes even though I didn't want to do it. She held me by my shoulders making me sit back on the bench. "Here." blinking my eyes I stared at my left, Was I dreaming or is this really happening? I can't help but rub my eyes in astonishment. Ryley Shine was standing with his sipper that he has passed toward me.

"Thanks Ryley!" The teacher took it from his hand, "Here drink this." She helped me gulp few sips. It though didn't help the pain running down my body but to an extent it did calm me down. "Are you okay now?" I answered nodding my head. "Good. Ryley told me that you fell sick and had to be bed ridden for a while." I raised my eyebrow glancing over his face, he only looked away.

Bloody liar!

"Anyway hope you are well now. By the way I am sure Ryley must have told you about the new education system and about the first year and second year's combined classes." I bobbed in agreement. "So from now on the classes will be taken together for both the badges. And in the previous classes where you were absent we made a pair of two where one was supposed to be an FY and the other TY student, for a group project." it was exciting, there are

in his mind!" Uhhh! " I twitched in discomfort feeling his lips touch below my earlobe. He stayed there for a while without withdrawing his lips from my skin. I wanted to turn my pupils and see his face but I feared (which I always do when he is around) he will get mad and do something which he would not have thought to do otherwise.

I was lost in my thoughts trying to make out a meaning of his words. What did he mean by that 'Yes I care when he touches you!!! And It is my business and I will mind it in my own way!' Is there something that I don't know? Something which only Ryley and Vivian knows about!

Ryley slowly came in front of my face again, he breathed near my lips intently gazing them. I had this feeling he will end up kissing me but all he did was stare at my lips. Neither did he blink nor did he take a breath, it was as though watching was his only way of surviving!

Does that stare, that ascendancy means he loves me?

Shit??? This can't be true.

No, Vivian must have lied. But what if it was no lie???

There were infinite question in my mind and the one who can answer it was standing with me only, just my irony was that I cannot dare to ask him! "I think you didn't listen to me carefully, let me repeat it for you once again." he withdrew his hands back quite roughly that felt so wrong. He was rude!

"If you don't want to lose your loved ones, just stay away from everyone else in the school!" my mouth hung open! I did not notice he said something like that too. His signature smirk was enough to realize he made his point clear.

And after what it seemed like centuries to me, he moved away slowly.

I felt at ease, my breathing was normal again but not my emotions. Right in front of my eyes he cozily exited the room after adjusting his clothes and hairs while I like a dumbfuck stood there letting even his thoughts control me, why?

What did just happen now?


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