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   Chapter 11 Jealousy!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8895

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Two days later, Valen's pov...

"I love you too dadda, bye."

"Don't forget to be there on time baby, I'd be waiting for you!" I waved at dadda striding inside of the gates while there, he peeped out of the window waving back at me repeating his words which he has told me many times through out our way till here.

We are going to the beta's house for lunch. Mr. Brown has invited us for a dinner on account of his younger daughter, Milan's second birthday.

It feels good to be back to school. I like to be here, so many people, Classmates smiling and waving at me. The chit chat, that group of studious students standing always in the corner discussing along about the concepts and doctrines. Hot guys sitting on the bonnets of their cars with equally hot girls surrounding them, it's fun!

Yeah! it is not a normal school for the students here are not humans but wolves- who come from good rich families with strong background. They have made their own groups where the rich are being friends with riches only while the other, poor ones secluded and always kept away from them.

Just the difference is they are wolves but if you look at the caste system it's just like how it happens in a normal human world. If your parents are poor, they are not famous, you're going to be poor, too. And if they are rich like heck and have a name in the society, their children are rich like them.

"Hi Valen" I was just going to step inside the school's main door when I heard someone calling me.

"Ohh, hi Vivian!" I forced a smile back at him who stared back at me checking me out. I don't mind talking to him, "Uhh anything you want from me?" I am scared of that bastard! Ryley. He has threatened everyone to stay away from me but this guy, he gives no damn to his words and keep coming behind me.

The two of them already had many fights because of me. If he wants to be near me then there, Ryley wants him to keep me alone. And I fear, seeing him here, he will surely create some scene. "Ehh why do you always think that I'd only approach you when I'd have any work. Can't we see each other as friends!"

He is my classmate, and one of the guys who doesn't go good with anybody in the college, Ryley to be precise. And top of that, he is the son of Alpha Aryan, and somebody who Ryley hates the most.

" Umm no, not really but I have never seen you around unless you don't have any work. Or until you want to see your best friend pissed off!" he chuckled clearly getting the meaning of my words. He understood my signal, very well!

I don't mind talking to him. I like him, he's tall, cute with hypnotizing eyes. Uhh, not to forget to talk about hi

y. Now occupy your seats, we are about to begin with the next chapter of information technology." She kind of blushed whilst replying.

I had no idea what was going around. Having given a glance in the class around, I realized there were many students from second year, from his class, why???? I don't know.

" Now will you keep standing here or take your seat Valentine!" I breathed heavily having him speak near my neck. I could feel his chest crashing with my back, the way his body touched mine- I lost myself in the fragrance of his perfume.

This was alien to me! I had no idea what was going on. And when he held my wrist dragging me along, I was taken aback. What was happening? Neither did miss. Calida stopped him nor anybody else did mind it, despite knowing how much he hated me or I dreaded him.

He literally forced me to sit in the second last bench irrespective of my refusal, away from the entire population of the class, on the third last bench in the fourth row- right next to him.

"So today we will be studying regarding software creation."

The class has officially begun while I was still sitting like a stupid staring him with scared eyes.

He smiled darkly removing his tablet to refer the notes uploaded on the Moodle on the school website. " The classes for the second and first year are brought together according to our selection of subjects." he spoke, that went up of my head.

"Which means from now on, combined classes will be held together for both the badges according to the new education system." he pulled out my timetable card from my bag. After giving it a thorough glance he smirked saying, " Ehh Congratulations Valentine, we share more than five classes according to our timetable"

Shit I'm so gone now?


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