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   Chapter 10 The intruder!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8749

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Author's point of view...

"She is okay Hercules, she just needs some rest." Jason informed over the phone, to the alpha, caressing Valen's hair.

She was perfectly cocooned in the blanket, with the syringe for glucose going through her vein of the left hand.

There were Doctor Jason's few subordinates Kelly and Miranda who were called at once with medicines for Valen, the former one helped change her clothes that has got wet due to her excessive perspiration while the other helped with fixing the glucose bottle on the stand and also piercing the needle in her hand. Kelly, her oval shaped face bore the emotions of sympathy. The twenty seven years old woman with a mole on her chin smiled serenely gazing through her condition. She had flashbacks of that day, and like any other time, she fainted in the end.

Miranda, while on the other hand when was cleaning the back of her palm before injecting in the syringe, bit her lips, she can't even remember as to how many times has she been to this room for doing the same thing. Being in her mid thirties, she has seen this beautiful girl go through a lot than anybody else in her entire life.

The two have been there with Doctor Jason as his doctor mates since seven years, and the last two years are where they have seen their 'Dear dutiful Sir' shivering whenever as it about Valen and her injuries. Well Jason never had a child why! Simply because his mate passed away before their mating ceremony. She was on the last stage of Canine Distemper, and when they met. A kind of disease that attacks the respiratory, urogenital, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of wolves, a serious viral illness with no known cure.

She's clearly asked him to move on. But, his faithful heart could not do so even after she left him. And ever since then he has been living a bachelor's life contributing his services and everything he has toward his pack.

However, after Valen was found, his life changed. Especially, when they were told she does not have a family. There was nobody to come and claim she was their daughter. They searched for three fucking months, yet no result. Until that day, where she opened her eyes and asked for her parents. She had lost her memory. She didn't even know where did she come from?

Then was when, after having a serious conversation with alpha Hercules Jason adopted her even though she was a human! He decided to give her his name and everything which she might have or have not ever got in life. Anyway, while changing her clothes, Miranda noticed her swollen shoulder and waist that has gone red. Her experienced eyes did not take even a minute to recognize them as beatings.

The lights were onned, even the window was left open so that she could get fresh air and recover soon. Her face seemed so innocent that Jason literally shed few tears. This happens like every time whenever she has the flashback attack, not attacks really but yeah; it can be tagged as that, she experiences hard pain in her head, and eventually falls unconscious for a period of at least a week or less.

But today it got worse, because she saw something outside plus the shooting throbbing pain in her body. "Umm you must leave now, it is late. We have got important research to do tomorrow in the lab." After conveying good health wishes for Valen to their superior, Miranda and Kelly left at once. Even the lights were given peace and switched them off but no Jason.

Be it a wolf or a human— a father is a father. And when his child is in pain, he knows how it feels to him. The nights become a sleepless and days worthless with respect to any work. Valen was not his blood daughter, yet the emotions he shared with her, the love for her and everything— it was special.

The night was half gone, she was fast asleep in her bed, 3.45 in the early morning and still Jason was there in the same spot, sitting on the edge of bed on his elbow while caressing her hair. He yawned sleepily arcing his back looking at the clock. He lost the count of hours sitting there for her.

Jason placed aside her, he pulled more the quilt on her covering her entirely, before he placed a peck on her forehead. She was scared of dark, so making sure that the night bulb was on and even the light in the wash room, he strode out going to his room.

Not even a five minutes would have passed when s

omebody sneaked in the room through the window, a guy. Breathing lightly as his eyes fell on her body on the bed, his face was covered with a hoodie. Giving around a view in her room, he slowly walked near her bed with slow steps trying not to make any kind of noise.

When once he was near the bed, he lightly pushed back the hoodie slightly from his face yet not revealing it and, sat down on his knees staring over her face under the dim light.

The anonymous person's pov...

I have been out there in the dark alley waiting for her to fall asleep, so that I can get inside of her room. However, my bad that she spotted me, my eyes actually and freaked out. Yes my eyes, that she has spotted a year ago when I was following her. Her major fear, I reckon.

And as I have had expected, her condition worsened, and she got the flashbacks of that night where she was attacked by the rogues falling out of her conscious. Well this is something I hate about her, and look at my bad fucking cursed fate— I am mated to her. Yes Her, who cannot even stand out a pair of lurking eyes staring at her. She is lame and stupid.

Nevertheless, after she fainted, I don't know why, yet I so wanted to go in and check upon her. But earlier than I could do so, Jason found her thus controlling the situation. And ever since then he has been there in the room taking her care while she was asleep peacefully in her bed. Hours rolled over, and he was not ready to leave her making me go frustrated.

Well this was not the first time she got the flashbacks? I don't know what made him sit next to her and waste so much of my time. Never mind, as after he left, I breathed in relief waiting for some moment before getting in. It is Jason's bad habit to visit the room again even though he has just left a minute ago and give her a last glance.

And after I realized, he was back to his room, I took my chance getting in and as for now, she was there right in front of my freaking eyes. She was as usually seeming sick and weak. Her face was red and hairs messed up. I was examining her face until my eyes net with the bandage on the back of her hand.

Quickly reaching out to see it, I held her hand up near my face caressing the same with my thumb. 'This is all because of you. You hurt her.' I closed my eyes attempting to tolerate that accusation imposed on me by my wolf, Shine.

Yes, Shine is my wolf. A brown wolf with slightly golden furs.

I don't like to talk to him because he always praises her and humiliates me and that boosts my aggression against her. "Fuck you. I don't want your words, you can stay quite like you always do!" I mocked him rolling my eyes. Ever since this dude got to know she is his mate, he was though sad in the beginning as she was a human, with no wolf however by the end of the day, he told me to accept her— as if that was easy?

'You are a dumb fuck. But let me give you a free advice Ryley Shine, that once she will be done with you, you will be the one craving for her attention and trust me, she won't even give you— a fucking fuck then? Do the hell you want." my mouth was left open, did he just— did he just call me a dumb fuck too?

Author's point of view...

He pulled down his hoodie completely thus revealing his face. He was the Alpha's spoilt successor indeed, Ryley. His Sable brown pupils stilled on her face as though it was her fault. Soon the calmness was replaced with grouchiness that the hand he took up in his to caress, he ended squeezing it in his tight grip. "This is all because of you that I have listen to his shit? Just because of you. I wish I was mate less rather than having you, a weak naive human who can't even handle herself." he darkly spoke coming near her face.

Even though she was not awake still her face had some lines of uneasiness due to his tight grip. Ryley only increased his pressure trying to as much as possible, hurt her. " I will destroy you Valentine! I will destroy you, your peace. I will give you a miserable life than a useless death. I will make you go away and trust me that day is not far." he glared her for a concise moment determining his best to turn her world upside down however, what he doesn't know is— peace will indeed be destroyed, world will indeed be turned upside down, and lives will indeed to shifted to miserable, not of hers, but his.


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