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   Chapter 9 She's my mate!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8825

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"Night dad, I love you and dare you keep up yourself late in the night. I will come and check." I warned him before closing the door of his room.

It should be him telling me all these things but here I our case, it's different. I have to take his care. My father being the responsible doctor does important research in the night, that is his best time to do it. He says night gives him pleasure, working when the stars are twinkling at night and when the birds are putting their little ones to sleep with their lullabies, he gets an upfront and motivation to work.

However, I oppose him. Neither do I like night nor the twinkling stars up there in the sky. I securely locked the door of my room as well as the lights except the night bulb that is above my head back on the wall right over my portrait.

The darkness gives me chills, I feel suffocated and that army of those stupid stars makes me feel as if there are crores of eyeballs staring at me.

I put myself to bed and laid on my left side looking near the window. The breeze was cool, I was in no need of switching the AC on, the natural one was enough for me to go sleep. I like nature and it's benefits, I like newness and pureness of it.

My eyes were heavy I wanted to sleep but unfortunately I could not put myself to sleep- just like the other nights. Not that I have chronic sleeplessness or insomnia but that fear that has been there deep inside my chest eating me alive thus never allowing me to stay at peace.

Actually, I feel- I feel that someone watches me! Watches my every damn move. I feel like- like there is this pair of two eyes that is fixed on me, all the time, as if it's reading my every fucking movement as to what do I do and when do I don't like to do anything. It knows when do I go to sleep and when is my sleep the deepest.

I feel as if somebody visits me every damn night, touches me, notices my habits as to what do I do in my slumber, sits there on my study table located across my bed near the wall and reads me like its favourite book! I know it's stupid of me to say that but that is what I have been feeling until the last year- that too after Ryley's birthday.

Okay, I agree I have decided that I would not tell this to anyone until that night where I literally screamed out of fear while returning back home from school in the evening after being bothered by Ryley and his gang.

I was locked in the store room with no lights, even my bag and phone was snatched away from me and dumped into the dustbin that is there behind the college near the backside gate. It was all because I accidentally fell on Ryley in the canteen. He was

was no stop to the thumping I was experiencing within myself. I didn't think about that night to see it again, please Jesus protect me." Valen, Valen are you okay! Hey open the door baby, what is wrong with you?" "Dad!" I wanted to go and open that door I locked, and I couldn't, seemed I was geld by something- my fear. I hugged my arms curling up on the bed, my body felt useless, I could not move even a muscle of my leg. I was- paralysed.

Daddy kept shouting, he said things to divert my mind nonetheless I could not forget it, that- that pair of eyes, I could see my death in it. I think I've seen them before, I experienced a harsh shooting pain in my head, black dots occurring across the curtain of my eyes, some random pictures were being played.

*I am running*

*Never ending forest*

*Too many dry leaves and too many trees*

*Aggressive growls*

*Back arcing pain in my elbow of the left hand and waist*

*A lot of blood*


*Myself in the mouth of an animal*

"Valen!!! Baby what happened, why are you so terrified? Valen!" he engulfed me in his arms possessively, and with a shed of a tear I lost my strength thus closing my eyes.

Author's pov...

Doctor Jason hugged her fainted body close to his chest whilst shaking her. He was working on his new medicine when all of a sudden he sensed her heart beating faster and faster. He gulped his tension wiping away the sweat from her forehead. "Those flashbacks again!" Jason murmured pulling his hair while there, outside the window under the darkness between the passageway, "What is wrong with her, she passed out again? Bloody weak human?" somebody hissed in frustration after listening to her heart beats that calmed down suddenly from fast to nothing!


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