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   Chapter 8 Looks like he realized something!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 9702

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"Valen! It's me, your dadda!" I heard the familiar voice And when I unlatched my eyes, my nerves calmed down instantly.

"Dadda!" I sighed slipping in his arms immediately.

Damn! I was badly freaked out. I need to keep my imaginations in control or else it will become the death of me someday. After Staying there in his arms for some time as I detached myself, he gave me a narrowed gaze. "Where were you baby? Do you know how hoe concerned was I for ya! You have never been out for so long. What made you do you so?" he shot his back to back questions on me giving me no chance to clarify myself.

I can't tell him the truth he will not only be concerned about my shoulder that has gone totally numb, I can't even feel whether I have it or not! But he will also complain to alpha about Ryley and his gang and I know alpha will not entertain this shit any more.

"Uhh! Dadda I was in the library helping Mrs. Bennett, our librarian with the books. We were talking and lost the track of time. She is very sweet you know. I love her." I lied, the smile on his face said, he believed me.

I hated the fact that every time I am bullied or hurt, to overcome it I have to lie to dadda otherwise he will be more hurt than me and I can't see that. He is my only family. Dadda kissed my forehead gently caressing my cheek, "Valen, so unfair! You know your dadda waits for you on the supper table. He cannot eat without you! Just look at you, you are looking so tired."... He gently pressed my hurt shoulder such that a painful wince escaped my mouth.

He quickly withdrew his hand astonishingly gazing my shoulder then at me. I know what was coming my way and to avoid it, I hurriedly answered. " Uhh dadda my both the hands are aching, I had to keep so many books on the higher shelves again and again. Can we please go home so that I can take a good shower. Please.". I batted my lashes until he nod in yes.

He conqueringly moved his skull up and down. I hugged him in reflex, and we initiated our walk towards the car. There was still the hint of suspect in his eyes, I know he was not satisfied with my answer. He is a doctor, well experienced senior doctor who can say whose injured or sick by just seeing their faces! And here I am his daughter, how cannot he know I am not okay!

My father, Jason Pereira, who adopted me, is the head of the medical team in alpha Hercules Dark Shine Pack. Well I am not his biological daughter, he adopted me. Uhh, I really don't remember anything when did this all happen or who my real parents are, it is just that now he is my only family. He told me that two years ago, my parent's car met with an accident because of some rogues— they killed them. They were going to kill me too, but he saved me.

When I opened my eyes, he was the first person I laid my eyes on. And since then, I have been living with him. He was my parents good friend and always ador

is mouth still she let him continue enjoying every bit of him. "My bestie birthday boy is in that room (Pointing in his left at a closed door) with Hazel enjoying the night!" he finished the sentence whispering in her ear.

With the growing night, the crowd increased. There was no stopping to their growing hoots or cheers for the entire bar was taken over by the Great Ryley for his birthday party. If here the stamina was high then there inside of the room, "Ughhh Ryley! Ahh more, I want moreee!" Hazel's voice echoed in the room, only that he could hear it.

She was on the bed with him inside her, their clothes were scattered in the room, her accessories, heels, and other stuff among the clothes. The lights were dimmed while the window was open. It continuously thudding along the winds and suddenly, it started pouring.

Ryley was not in his senses, he was severely drunk. He could hardly see her face, even her voice hardly reached his ears. Any which ways after their heavy make out as he lifelessly lay down on her, hazel smiled in contentment. "I so love you Ryley. This was the best night I ever had with you!"... He half smiled half slurred sneaking next to her lazily.

The slumber was up on him, he was on the verge of passing out right after his head rested on the pillow until what she said next shook him such that all the effect of alcohol drenched out of his body. "I hope we made this birthday a memorable one for you baby. Entire day spent well except, the morning incident with that Valen! Stupid slut! I wish if I could kill that whore!" his eyes shot open at her mention.

Neither did he speak a word nor stopped hazel from swearing on her further nevertheless, " Ryley what happened baby! Why are you dressing up again? " he slipped back in his clothes and dashed out of the room." Ryleyyyy?" there hazel kept shouting his name, and he never halted.

Looks like he realized something?


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