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   Chapter 7 Bad dream.

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His eyes murderously bore into hers. They were so dark that it felt he will eat her the next moment. Poor Valen stood high and dry struggling to breathe properly. Her breaths were actually stuck in her throat seeing him sooo fucking close. Well this was not the first time she was seeing him close, this keeps happening every now and again still, every time he does that, it gets harder for her to adapt in the environment.

"Ryley! You are hurt—"

"OH JUST SHUT UPP!"... He screamed on her lips leaving the tracks of his saliva drops highlighting on her pinked skin that shown like diamonds on her lips.

Hazel turned her eyes away, she hated to see them so close, yet there was nothing she could do about it. For he would only do that to her to pain her, hurt her— bully her. Still, that proximity would bother her. It would never give her a good feeling.

Okay, Valen stood silent under his gaze. She was, like always— clueless as to why does he behave like that when she is around! She frequently wonder what makes him play song and dance like this when the matter is anywhere related to her? She was sure by now he must have pulled out a thousand of her hairs from the scalp and when he would withdraw his hand, she would clearly be able to see them.

"Stop behaving like your are soo helpless.".. He let go of her hairs with a jerk and punched her in the left shoulder with all his strength and turned around.

She went on her knees, "Aah!" wincing in agony. Her other hand covered the area which has reddened. One could see the skin where he punched bulging out and even the print of his fist on her shoulder. It was actually on her joint, not the shoulder.

His gang, satisfied with the punishment that he gave her brought a cunning grin on their lips, Zander was like usually back with his photographer's mode, shooting everything that happened. "There the bitch goes on her knees in defeat, yayy! So, we won again. Cheers for the Wild Wolves! Wooohoo!"... He said recording it in his iPad.

He frequently bent down, stood in different angles, titled his head from time to time taking her shots from every possible angle that made her look the helpless." Nah, it's not yet done. "... His iPad was turned to the west direction.

Everyone's gasps gave a horrible look to the video, "Ohh, there you go babe!" When hazel strode ahead with her cup of coffee. She spat in it then showed it to the crowd and lifted it up near her head.

Her matted lips twisted together and her oupild glared at Valen who was still on her knees trying to suppress her pain. "You mess with my boyfriend, I now mess your face." she remarked pulling Valen with her hairs. She showed the steaming cup of coffee to her as though telling her what was going to happen to her face.

No sooner did hazel took the cup back in order to throw the content on Valen's face than she was given a hard kick in her foot that imbalanced her body and thus she fell down across her while the steaming cup of coffee came crashing on her own face burning her jaw. "Aaahhh" she let out ears deafening scream making a wave of gasp to pass through out the entire canteen hall.





All of her friends with Ryley rushed to look for her. The skin on her jaw has begun to turn pink indicating the arrival of the blisters. She pretended to have fallen faint as soon as Ryley pulled her in his arms. "Uhhh hun it pains Ryley! It pains?" she faked cries with crocodile tears making Ryley to glare Valen with the worst of his expressions.

This turned poor Valen still. She gulped her saliva yet not leaving her courage. "You will never listen, will you! I will show you now!"... Ryley tried to get up, regardless hazel didnt let him to. She snuggled more in his chest, yelling as loud as she can on her voice.

He stopped tight then and there comforting his dear girlfriend. Yet on his behalf Clarke got up hymphing like a bull that goes wild looking at red. He snarled curling his fingers into fists plunging in her direction. However before he could shoot any punch on her, Valen promptly held a fork from the nearest table pointing it to him thus stopping him in his tracks.

He let out a cunning laugh. "You think I am scared of that thing!" his eyes were black as well. Though she was scared with everyone in the gang but the good part was she never let them see it. And so, Valen raised her brow with a side smile as if saying 'try me'.

A gush on vexation ran down his blood vessels. He growled making her take steps backward. Her fingers were already shivering, and listening to her increased heart beats he laughed. "Don't pretend to be strong, I can hear that stupid heart of yours beating wildly." he pointed.

Valen twitched her lips, her focus was diverted from his face and that is when he gave her a hard side kick in her waist. She went gliding metres away until hitting a table that knocked down on her in turn. She hugged her knees curling up in a coil feeling pathetic.

All the eye balls were on the girl who passed out in the same position while there he had no effect on her who created fuss for nothing— Ryley. Eyes stone cold, face motionless and red, lips dry and cracked, he

stared her having no change on his face. His Sable brown eyes did not even show one percent of sympathy for her.

However, to hazel, his body funtioned like anything. Toward her one fake grasp he held her close taking her to the medical room on condition that she was on the last phase of her life. All the members followed him idly there, she was left on her own.

No one to look over her, no one to see her wounds, no one to check whether she was alive or dead! Every one simply returned to their work leaving her on the floor. This was rule #1 in the campus of school laid down by the Wild Wolves Gang— To not help the one who is been beaten up by them. If you do so, so you get the same!


Valen's point of view...

'I hate you. I swear I will make your life worse than hell, Valentine Pereira. You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me!'

It was black, all around. Neither could I see my own hands nor the face of the one who was swearing at me. I could not even move. When I tried to do so, sharp pain ran inside of my veins. Even the breathing, that is the easiest thing to do seemed difficult for me. I tried to run around, look for the person who keeps on saying these words to me alas, there was nobody I could ever see.

'I hate you. You destroyed my life. Now I will destroy you.'

I ran and ran and ran in the darkness searching for the one who said those words to me, Alas in the end I crawled down to my knees. I covered my ears closing my eyes, I even screamed loudly so that the voice could just fade away. But the more I attempted to get rid of it the louder it resonated in my ear drums.

'I hate you Valentine, I hate you!!!'

"Uhhgggg"... I woke up with a sudden jerk panting severely.

I looked around and guess what, I was in the medical room on one of the beds.

That bad dream— again!!!

The lights were dimmed indicating it was evening! Shit, I have been here since the morning? Dadda will be concerned. I should have woken up early. Ohh Valen, just how could you be so stupid! You know you've got the world's most possessive father who could not even eat food without you.

I quickly removed the white sheet from me getting out. Nonetheless, I felt a shooting pain up my shoulder when I tried to move it. "Ouch!" And I remembered how it happened.

Ryley, That bully bastard!

I touched the area as I could not move my head in southward position. I could sense the bulged out skin, the four bumps of his fingers burning my skin. This is not something new to get from him. It's frequent. He always showers me with his strong punches. Nothing new.

I carefully placed my foot one by one on the floor, and as expected again a throbbing pain pricked in my waist. My lashes latched in together. "Aahhh!" That dumb fuck Clarke. Anyhow accumulating my courage I walked to the big table across me kept near the wall grabbing my bag.

Removing the scarf out of it, I wrapped it around me such that my shoulder was properly covered. I don't like to be caught by dadda, he hates to see me in pain. Although he is a well known doctor but when it's about me and if the wounds are mine, his eyes gets moist. He cannot see me suffering. My lovely dadda.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

I literally jumped in my spot as soon as the sound of the clock reached my ears. I held my heart looking at the clock. "Jesus Christ! It's twelve in the night!" oh no, I really need to get home soon. I can no stay here any longer. No no no!!!

And then I increased my speed. Even though I was walking lamely with one leg it did not matter for it is dangerous for me to stay out in night. He stares me, he follows me, he notices every single step of mine. He spies on me!

My eyes were brightening as I was progressing near the school gate. Unfortunately there was no watchman around and the gates were locked. "Uncle!!! Watchman uncle! You here!" I called for him standing near the gate holding the bars.

The moon was shining amongst the black clouds, the chirpiness of crickets and the rustling of the trees around freaked me out. Yet I stood strong waiting for him to come. Twenty minutes passed, yet there was no sign of him. I did not dare to look at the school building behind me. It looks damn scary like a dirty vampire's castle. Its pillars which has the triangular flags, moving with wind gives me no good feeling. I always feel as if that is the gown of a filthy witch who has got dark long black fangs, who would jump down to the ground and come chasing me and then tug my shoulder to call me.

*Experiencing someone's tug on the shoulder*

My throat dried up, pulse increased, eyes burning badly when I indeed sensed somebody tugging my shoulder. After the battle with my heart no sooner did I turn around than, "Aaaahhh!"




The Wild Wolves.

} Ryley Shine... Alpha's son and hero.

} Zander Brown (beta's son)... Ryley s frnd 1

} Clarke Morris (Boy) ... Ryley s Frnd 2

} Yeoman Hughes (B) Frnd 3

} Wendy Jackson(G)... Frnd 4

} Earl Erikson (G) Frnd 5

}  Hazel Wright (Girl) ... Ryley's gf and hot chick.



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