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   Chapter 6 Birthday Bash!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6306

Updated: 2019-10-25 01:19

Two years later...

14th August, 2019.

The crowd jostled in the school premises near the notice board. The results of the previous exams were up. Some were happy, some sad while some people literally had no sign of anxiety on their faces after knowing that they failed. Some crying in happiness for passing with distinction, some screaming in enjoyment knowing that they were offered scholarships for the next year, a few quarrelling since they have to repeat the same grade again.

The toppers were being congratulated by their classmates while the others who passed with E grade were distributing magnum bars in excitement. There was hustle bustle all around, the teachers sat in the staff room listening to the noise spreading in the college corridors, they half smiled half joked experiencing the chaos occurring around. Sad because the holidays for the summers were reduced and it was now only for three weeks— this is because, alpha wants to introduce new syllabus to the students. A new method of teaching, where the growing wolves who are the future generation of the kind will get to learn new ways of fighting, some added knowledge which was not imparted to them earlier.

In short, one can say addition made to the old education in a manner so that the next generation is prepared for the new and unseen contingencies plus self prepared to tackle them.

Anyway, back to the chaos happening around in the school, Everyone seldom stopped uttering.

Clarke came on his bike, although it was strictly prohibited to enter in the college campus with bikes, they were only limited till parking areas nathelass who would tell them— the Wild Wolves Bullying Gang! He continuously honked making everyone to grit their teeth alas nobody had any courage to stand straight and speak back to him.

"Ehh slut! Get away."... He humiliated a girl standing across his bike blocking hi

at her who was standing there with a stretched out hand waiting for him to join with his one. His smile was replaced by anger, her melting smile was unbearable sight for him.

Dressed in a black jeans with a peach coloured off shoulder full sleeves top matched with same colours sneakers, she looked perfect while the long high pony went well with her appearance. The normal sized bag hung on her left shoulder with few books in hand. She looked breath taking beautiful with her violet eyes hopefully gazing him.

"Come on stretch out your hand, what are you waiting for?" she smiled, her eyes impatiently gaping his changing facial expressions.

"Okay, let it go. I know you being the bad won't do it, but I have got you a small present for you." she rummaged in her bag.

Regardless, earlier than she could get a hold of it, she was pushed back such that her back hit the empty table's rim behind, it made her yelp at the sudden ache running down her spine while he hovers over her like a beast. His one hand rested on the table behind and the other digging in her soft hairs pulling them severely. "How many times do I have to tell you not to show me your fucking bitchy face, whore!"... He spat on her face turning her eyes motionless.


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