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   Chapter 4 That girl!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8877

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Ryley and his friends stood there all shocked and numb like a statue staring her body.

"Gosh? Why are the girls so dumb? She literally slit her wrists overhearing us. It was just a prank God damn it? We never shooted her video, we just acted like that to teach her a lesson."

He thought while behind him, "Ohh god! She is dead."

"Shit she committed suicide!"

"The wild wolves gang killed another student!"

Distant chattering broke behind them. Though they felt like shutting their mouths forever, but they could not. They were already in mess. A girl committed suicide! "God, guys we need to do something? The crowd is also increasing, shit! Why she has to kill herself."... Hazel stuck close to Ryley who was as dumbfounded as her.

It was his idea to do all this and now, it took somebody's life and pushed them into the ocean of problems." Come on we need to get this cleared. Wait I will call the cleaner."... Shame on him, he just proved out to be the reason behind someone's death and there was no guilt, no pain on his face. "Zander you and and bring the cleaner."

It was supposed to be the first day of college for Lucy alas it turned out to be the last day of her life. She would have never thought the beginning of something new will become the end of her entire world. The shameless gang watched her briefly but none efforted to bend down and check her pulse. The blood from her body kept continuously flowing away.

Zander who has gone out to call the peon, returned with the 'Principal' of their school Dr. Anthony Saldanha. All of them blared him for returning with the principal. In turn, he gave an apologetic look. "Oh my my! Shit, what did you all do?"... Dr. Saldanha, the principal covered his mouth not believing on his eyes at all. A girl was lying in a pool of blood with her wrists scraped cold.

"Sorry guys, I was in the way to call the cleaner, but he met me in the middle. Somebody informed him about this, I guess.".... Clarke clenched his teeth, he turned around murderously eyeing the pack of students standing together. He showed them his forefinger as though giving them a warning.

They were least bothered about Lucy, all they cared was for themselves.


Ryley's house, In Alpha's cabin....

Ryley with his friends stood in a semi circle in his father— Alpha Hercules' cabin with folded hands obediently, like kids. Their eyes rolled from time to time having the principal giving a gist of everything that happened in the college. Alpha Hercules was flabbergasted to listen about the girl's death.

She was rushed to the hospital, her pulse was slow, but she was alive. They managed to successfully take her to the hospital theatre. However before they could begin treating her, she gave up and bid bye to the world.

Alpha's eyes blazed like the red sun in the afternoon. His shoulders trembled as he glanced at Ryley's face who shrugged his shoulders having the look 'We did not do it purposely, it just happened!' on his face that turned alpha crazy at them all. He snarled getting up from his chair and at the same time hitting his palms on the desk that made a loud noise. The glass on the desk shattered into small million pieces but the intriguing part was, they did not scatter around. It remained on the desk as it seemed as though the glass has innumerable cracks on it.

Alpha Hercules' skin pierced in the manner with the little pieces of glass. The children (Ryley's bully gang) moved backwards sticking looking at the tensed situation. Alpha growled as if he would eat them alive. Words were not needed, his eyes said so many things. "Wasn't last time the enough that you guys again started to carry on with your mischievous activities! Nah? wait, not mischievous. What you did today is worse than the last time. You killed somebody, you killed that poor girl. She did not commit suicide that was you all who forced her to take such a step. "... His every word left a great impact on them.

Their bodies were sweating, their quivering lips showed how badly was the Alpha's effect on them except Ryley. He was unaffected. Although he was a bit scared seeing his father so angry, yet he knew tomorrow will be a new day and everything will be eventually forgotten. And again, they will be their parent's adorable spoilt children.

"If not Principal sir but I definitely am going to take strict steps against you all. Now get the fuck o

ut of my cabin. I don't want any of you all in this dumb fuck's room, go to the guest room and wait there. No one is going to leave this house until and unless I don't say you to."... Feeling offended, for being dumbfuck in front of his friends, Ryley threw the case kept nearby harshly on the floor that it broke down.

The poor principal adjusted his spectacles on his nose seeing his guts in front of the alpha. Soon after they exited, alpha Hercules let out a defeated sigh. He sunk in his seat not before offering the principal to settle down. Dr. Anthony, removed his specs and place them on the broken powdered glass over the desk carefully, "Alpha I request you to not take severely strict actions against them. They are kids, they will not understand anything at all because of punishment, rather it will just worsen their behavior and them. We really need to take some constructive steps other than penalizing them. " He stated sounding serious.

He was correct. The more you punish the children with the thoughts that it will teach them a lesson and prevent them from carrying out any mischief, the vulgar they become and do heck of things. Same was with Ryley and his gang— ah, means, the Wild Wolves gang... Just as they call themselves.

Alpha hummed in agreement. "Right, Anthony. I agree with you but honestly speaking the reason behind all the mishap happening in the school is my son- Ryley."... Mr. Anthony stared at alpha for he was kind of antagonizing his own son whereas the other parents would defend them?

Okay, back to the aura of seriousness, alpha gave a small side smile while looking away in his right at the window, " Yes Anthony, I mean it. The reason is Ryley why can the others do such things in the school. They have a dominating freedom, why— because one of the members of their gang is the Alpha's son and the next going to be alpha. If Ryley is brought under control then automatically the others will be in control. Ryley's background manipulates them. "... He sighed resting his head on the back on his chair.

Closing his eyes, alpha sat in silence for a minute or two until he spoke again, " I am literally fed up with everything now. This boy made me give up on him, I am just looking for a hope that will help him get sober and leave behind everything he is doing in the school. Just a ray of hope. Just a ray!"... He was busy breathing deeply when a knock fell on the doors of his cabin.

The Beta of the pack, Savio D'Souza walked in looking extremely astonished." Alpha the girl opened her eyes. "

No sooner have he heard the mention of her than his eyes wide opened to the size of a round big balloon staring him back with equal astonishment.


After getting inside of his room, Ryley slammed the door so badly that it made the walls to tremble at the force. He growled on top of his voice until his throat did not ho dry. His eyes were red as lava, Ryley smashed and broke and dislocated every article in his room. He turned his once lovely bedroom into a mess.

"How can he just call me dumbfuck in front of my friends. How?"... He threw the sheets removing them from the bed, somewhere in the trash on the floor. "Was it my fault that she committed suicide? He directly called me a murderer."... He hissed like monster breaking anything that reached his hands.

His face was red with hairs covering his forehead. Since he was wearing a black shirt, it turned wet with his sweat sticking to his maintained torso. Ryley pulled his hair behaving like a maniac, if anyone has been here with him would unquestionably have gone insane after experiencing his fury. Squatting down to the floor across the bed, he pulled his hairs while a few stops of tear appeared in his eyes.

Sitting silently in that position, by covering his face, he spread an awkwardness around. Ryley was in no mood to listen to ang kind of noise. He growled twice whilst hearing the sound of footsteps walking from outside of his room. He ignored it in the beginning but when it increased, he crazily shouted striding near the door losing his last strand of temper.

He gripped the neck of the servant who was rushing around and pinned his to the wall. He growled at the poor soul for disturbing him. He was on the edge of hitting him in the face until, "That girl gained her conscious prince—" what he said made him to blink his eyes.

That girl, means— Valentine.


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