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   Chapter 3 Murderers!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8347

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Violent scenes ahead. Please, don't read if you can't take it.

Ps_ The author doesn't support bullying but included in the book for a purpose.



Author's point of view...

A big cheese cake of around the size of the table was placed on it. His name was perfectly written in its centre using amazing font. Ryley seemed very happy, his girlfriend clinging on his left arm as he stood with the knife all ready to murder his cake. "Be quick bud, can't control the wolf inside of me. Just want to taste this bitch!"... Yeoman, the other member of their Wild Wolf gang grumbled ogling at the cake.

"Every fucking thing seems a bitch to you, ain't I right?"... Zander laughed.

Yeoman's eyes could be spotted shining brightly. He nodded his head in yes proving his friend correct, lol. Partially opened mouth was drooling at the delicacy, nose sniffling like a dog. His action made everyone to chuckle on his stupidity. Having frustrated by his behaviour, Hazel crushed his feet with her high heel. He cried in pain with a loud yell, "What the, are you crazy?"... He glared.

"Come on Yeoman stop just eye raping the cake. Let him first cut it!"... Clarke exclaimed that made him narrow his eyes.

He has opened his mouth to counter exclaim when their eyes fell on the entrance. A girl dared to enter the canteen. "What the fuck?"... Wendy, Yeoman's girlfriend bragged annoyingly, her eyes darkened registering the girl walking in.

Her eyes were closed as she was immersed in music, the big fat speakers round her ears must have occupied in a manner that she could not see the fire playing in these hungry predators eyes. "New prey, hun!"... Clarke chuckled clapping his hands excitedly. She seemed to be new, otherwise nobody else has ever dared to walk in.

After striding in a few steps her eyes met with the gangs. She squealed curiously seeing what was going on with them. " Ohh wow! Cake. Is it someone's birthday? Yayy, can I join you."... She chimed, her hands worked on the speakers that she removed and put it around her neck, offing the music the phone was securely pocketed as she prepared herself to join them.

"Ohh surely, we would love to have you sweetheart, prey?"... Wendy smiled inaudibly murmuring the last word. The girl jumped in happiness standing with them in group.

Rolling his eyes, Ryley snuggled Hazels neck. He trailed his finger down her cleavage leaving soft kisses on her chin. He but her jawline thus imprinting a big red hickey down there. "Ohh thank you so much. I am a new join, it is my first day in the college today."... She smiled. " Hi, I am Lucy. I was nervous and thought the day will be boring but thanks to you guys. I love you all."... She thanked them, her big round eyes blinked every time she addressed them.

However, poor deer had no idea the lions were trapping her in their net. "You guys are the best But I don't know why everyone outside was like 'Don't go inside, the wild wolves will kill you' they are crazy I suppose."... She poured innocently while on her back Wendy and Zander had already taken their first move.

She was butter coated by their sweet lurking words. Innocent, as she was fell in their trap. They brought her in the middle surrounding her from the back by group while Ryley with his gf stood in the front. "Okay shall we cut the cake?"... Clarke questioned, looking over poor Lucy's face. She was short in height and a little healthy with bulging out tummy. Her hairs were messed up curly black while thin lips. But whenever she smiled, her face gleamed.

"Yes please."... Answering this, Lucy sang the happy birthday song, she was damn excited nonetheless her loud claps and b'day song faded as soon as she learned that neither was the birthday boy cutting the cake nor the others around singing for him with her." Hey why aren't you all singing? Don't you want to taste this yummyyy cake."... She inquired looking over Ryley's face who just shrugged his right shoulder with a raise up brow.

And before could she learn anything further, "Aahhh!"... She screamed in pain as a bucket of hot Schezwan Paste was poured out on her.

The students

standing over the doorstep stuck together watching them laugh on her while she cried as loud as she can. "Nah, we want to taste YOU."... Yeoman splashed on her face a bottle of soy sauce increasing the burns on her skin. She could not even unlatch her eyes, the sauce has gone inside of them too.

All the students watched the show but never dared to come forward and help her. They winced in pain, indeed prayed to god to send a saviour to save her nevertheless they did not think of coming forward and becoming her saviour for her. She was being bullied but none dared to stop the bullies!

Never mind, back to the poor Lucy, she cried for help, begged for their mercy. Zander, Wendy, Clarke and Yeoman one by me inverted on her some new stuff like hot sauces, noodles, melted cheese. The limit was crossed when Wendy stuffed in her mouth some vegetables that were brought from the dust bin. "Eat it!"... They demanded, the poor girl's throat was choked up. She refused to gulp it down her pipe. "Eat it bitch! Or else you'll be screwed."

Wasn't she screwed enough by them! Wasn't she insulted enough that they threatened her to do more. She was slapped hard in the face by Wendy that she fell down. And to make the matter worse, Zander removed his phone shooting her.

Lucy joined her hands, she threw out the stale veggies from her mouth, unfortunately— on Hazel's feet. "You dumb head!"... She kicked her in the waist. Her aggression was on cloud nine, the way she breathed and the way her chest went and down, one could see how mad she was.

Having picked up the knife from the table hazel initiated to approach her, "Ehh babe, why so angry?"... Prior could she go to her, she was pulled back by Ryley who made faces as though he was sympathizing her! "Come on guys, can't you just see she already had enough. Let her go now. Babe, let her go."... He requested them.

A smile of hope curved on poor Lucy's lips between her tears. She thankfully gazed his face. "Babe you have got an extra dress for you, haven't you? Just give it to her."... Lucy promptly removed the dress and passed it to her on Ryley's request with no argument.

Everyone was shocked including his friends. They blankly saw Ryley helping her walk to the girls wash room. The crowd followed them keeping metres distance from the trouble gang. "Go inside and change."... He acted to caress her shoulder.

"T-thank yo-ou"... Unaware of the coming dread, she dashed inside the wash room.

She cleaned her herself, as the matter from her body slipped down with water, her skin burned. Her eyes teared up glancing the rashes and small blisters that have now appeared on her body. Though it was very bad, yet she managed to wear the dress and come out.

Regardless, just as she was about to undo the door and step out. She heard the worst statement of her life. "Fuck!!! Damn, she is freaking hot. Just look at her body? Gosh. Perfect."

"Yeah Ryley, I would love to take to my bed. Like who would not want to fuck such a beauty! I will circulate this video in the school, damn sure it will get millions of reads. Nah, billion."

She clasped her mouth swooshing across the door pulling her bag close.

Ryley and his friends waited for her to come out. "Why is she taking so long?"... Zander wondered. It has been a long time, they impatiently knocked the door. "Hey come out?"

"Come on out now or else we will break in!"

"I will count till five, By the count of five if you don't come out, then you are so gone babe."

So now Clarke started the count. "Five...



They incredulously stared the door and appreciated her guts. Standing near the door waiting for her, Ryley took out his phone. He was left stupefied to find Seventy five missed calls from his Dad and eight text messages all addressing her (Valentine).

" And one. "... As Zander finished the count, they all break the door open therefore, barging in.

"Shit!"... They stepped back looking at the scenario in front of their eyes.

Lucy was lying lifeless on the ground with both the wrists of hers slitted and bleeding, her eyes wide open and body turning cold.


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