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   Chapter 2 Happy birthday Ryley!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7433

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14th August, 2017, Ryley's point of view...

"So how is that girl, what's her name... Mmmm... Yeah, Valentine!"... Clarke asked me munching into his hamburger. Just now lectures got over, and we were sitting all alone in the canteen eating our lunch. There was no single student except me and my gang, why? Simple because we do not like to see any morons face after the head aching lectures.

It is too much to tolerate, duh!

I simply placed down my glass of cold coffee looking at him, replaying his words in my mind. "How am I supposed to know that?"... I counter questioned him. Dude, she was not my girlfriend nor my mate then why on earth will I keep the information about her breaths or her pain!

Simple, isn't it?

This is the simple rule of my life... Don't stress your brain for somebody who does not have any place or importance in your life.

However, my friends did not seem too happy with my reply. Hazel, my girlfriend gave me a side kiss on the jaw feeling proud of my answer. This was the first time I could see her smiling face after that girl's (Valentine) entry in our lives — especially, mine.

"Dude, you said your father was teasing you with her name and then you say how are you supposed to know that? He is an alpha, he knows things better than anyone else! "... Zander, my bestie and the beta's son chipped. The looks on his face were oblivious of the naughtiness that was playing inside of his head. However, it did nothing but made Hazel to glare him with loud snarls.

" Ohhh, wild wolf! I like that. "... He winked at her flirtatiously and the others hooted. Sexy seventeen and three months older than me, Zander rules every girls' heart.

Cute face with deadly looks, thin yet strong body with pleasing height and blonde spiky hairs suited him well. His blue eyes were always mesmerizing. They conveyed more meaning than his voice.

Though, we could not talk using our link yet as we are not eighteen now, but I am sure, if we could than we could speak a lot of things.

"Yes I said that. You know as I described her state to you... I really don't think she could be my mate. In fact, she is a wincing little human girl who was crying for help!"... I reminisced that day again, that moment...


"Huh! He-l-lp"... However, she was not dead!

Both the alpha and the doctor stared each other in shock while the team of soldiers around gasped looking her amyotonia. Ryley was shaken badly to the core, she was surrounded by her own blood while the chuck of her meat laid half separated beside her on the floor. He could clearly see her intestines through, yet she was alive... Fucking alive!!! He blinked his eyes sucking in a deep breath, "Hel-p"... And her eyes that were hardly open, went tight shut.

"She passed away?".... Ryley promptly chipped with a choke sitting down near her body beside doctor Jason looking over her figure. He was just going to touch her when, "Passed out! She passed out. But she would pass away soon if we don't operate her in time. Hercules, we have to take her to the pack hospital now."... He addressed alpha Hercules who nodded his head in agreement.

Keeping the sword inside of its cover on his back, he ran his hands through his hair that falling on his forehead, " Ryley pick her up, come on. Head to the pack house immediately. "... His son has on his face the looks of extreme astonishment.

Did he mean that, Ryley have to pick her up who was drenched in blood from head to toe. He gave a view to his white shirt and then back at her with yuck kind of expressions. The smell of blood was nauseating for him.

"Come on Ryley, stop worrying about your shirt, her life is more important. Don't forget

, what I said you earlier. Be quick now!"

This time he seemed pestered of his father's words but then also, keeping aside his baby rants Ryley bent down picking her up in his arms. The way he rashly slid his arms under her body to lift her, her head slightly fell back like a corpses head, making him rest his eyes on her face. Ryley was stunned, he was scared... She seemed so fragile and calm. Her eyelids were closed, but he could already see her inside out. Although he could hardly see her face since it was covered with blood still he could see that innocence, peacefulness on her face. And eventually, he felt sorry for his recklessness.

"Stare her when she is okay and awake, not now!".... Alpha said from behind, therefore bringing him back to the present.

And then, quickly before her more blood could run off her body, Ryley ran in the direction of the pack house, her life was now in his hands.

Flashback ends...

" Ohh just cut the crap guys."... I was brought back to the canteen, out of my dwam listening to Hazels loud yell. She was pissed off, it could be seen on her face.

"Why the fuck are we even discussing her, she is just somebody who Ryley and Uncle Hercules saved. It was their responsibility. And that really does not mean we will give her such attention. Come on guys, let's just not forget who are we... We are the 'Wild Wolves' nobody holds such importance in our lives that WE will talk about them. Ain't I right! "... She said. Her eyes were mostly glued on me when she said those words.

And eventually my lips curled up into smile. Well this is what I like about this girl, her rights on me. Her authoritative voice keeps me hooked to her.

She behaves as though she owns me. Her frustrated look is something I love to see. Not only does she have perfect heart melting and eyes warming figure with big hot boobs and slim waist but also a cunning fair face.

I don't mind comparing her to the vamps from the television shows for she sometimes, I mean almost every time acts like one only when it is about me. Her dove like black eyes are always fixed on me. I love to see her getting jealous and surely do I love being showered with her attention.

If I don't get my mate (who I am literally dying to see) then Hazel will be my mate and my Luna. She does not come from our pack, in fact from no other pack. Just the thing is, her father is a rich wolf and very well-known among our kind who is yet another powerful person if not and after alpha. All the Alphas take his help if ever needed. Blue blooded beauty, you see.

"After she gets up, and we get the information about her, either she would be sent to wherever she belongs to or be killed if she comes from the rivals then."... Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, I wanted to do the same but listening about 'her being killed if she stands to be a rival' did not give me a good feeling.

I lifted my legs from the floor and rested them in my front on our table leaning back in my chair. Whatever, Hazel said was indeed true, I cannot refuse. And why am I feeling so bad if she gets killed! Let her be, I don't care?

"Baby!"... My eyes travelled in my left, Hazel smiled at me with a blush. "Happiest Birthday baby!"... She sat in my lap keeping her legs on my either side. Her hands curled around my shoulders hugging me tightly.

Hoots and cheers broke in, my friends stood up clapping their hands when Hazel suddenly pressed her lips on mine biting them vigorously." HAPPIEST SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY RYLEY"....

They wished me in unison with whistles and hoots.

Ohh fuck, I forgot, it is my birthday... I turned Seventeen today.

Uhh, happy seventeenth birthday Ryley!


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