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   Chapter 53 Love in words of Akshay

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Updated: 2019-10-22 22:59

Venice, Italy

Sanjana's POV:

The wedding of Kirti and Ranvijay was finally commenced. In Indian culture, the marriage is considered as sacred, it ties husband and wife for seven lives.

In Indian wedding ceremony, there are various pre-rituals- mehndi (henna is applied on bride, the significance of it arises from the fact that henna is a natural cooling and healing agent, so it relives the bride of stress before her big day), haldi ( in this ritual- a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, gramfloor and rosewater is applied on bodies of bride and groom- the significance of these rituals lie in the fact that turmeric is antibiotic in nature--it helps in purifying body as well as gives glow to skin). These are main rituals are followed almost all over India, other than that there are various other rituals depending on the region.

The wedding ceremony consist of saptapadi (seven rounds around holy fire, each round signify different Vow), sindoor (vermillion applied by married women on forehead) and mangalsutra (a sacred chain tied by groom around bride's neck).

There are several post-wedding rituals as well. It is safe to say that atleast three days are needed to commence an India wedding.

Since, there is so much spiritual meaning is attached to wedding, the divorce is a taboo in Indian society till date. Though, the modern India does not dwell much on the same but still divorcee women are frowned upon.

This is not only the case with Indian society but mostly Asian as well as Muslim community. Marriage--is suppose to bring joy and love to your life, if it not giving you that then it is always a wise option to end it. It is not always given that you will be happy with your husband. When it becomes a burden it is better to end it rather

open mouth for time being." I grouch.

"Baby, my mouth needs to be open for things I have planned." His brows suggestively wiggling. And my mind raced down the wicked path imagining all the naughty things he can do to me. My face was once again resembling tomato.

"What are you thinking about? I was just talking about opening a bottle of champagne. If you need some tender care, let me know. Since, I am your husband it is my duty to take care of you." The only option I have to save myself from Devil's teasing is keeping my mouth shut.

" We are here. " Akshay said while setting me down. We were at the back of the venue where wedding was held and a corner of it was decorated with lights and flowers. Some rug was laid down and to make it like a bed against the fence. A whole lot of pillows were scattered and a low lying table with a laptop on it was placed on one side. A blanket on another.

"This is.."

"Speechless, Mrs. Singhania. I can be romantic too." Akshay boasted and I can only agree with him.

This was the sweetest and most comfortable date ever. We laid down in the blanket and watched movies while enjoying authentic Italian pizza.


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