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   Chapter 51 Sanjana's Antics

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Updated: 2019-10-22 14:49

ABZ Super Mall


Sanjana's POV:

For Akshay, I have decided to buy customised cufflinks with my and his initials entwined. I will make him wear it tomorrow, it would be such a face slap for that Ahaana. I hope she leaves today only but only hope can't make thing happens everytime.

While shopping for Akshay, I came across a baby store. My God! Did not I want to bring home whole store with me. It has so much cute stuff. So, I decided to get few things in neutral colours. I bought those cute penguin and panda pajamas for kids. They were so cute. I just can't wait for my little bean to arrive in this world.

I will take tons of photos of him in cute different outfits and some embarrassing too, for his future girlfriends. Sanjana, you are getting ahead of yourself, he is not even 2 months old.

Ma was the one who dragged me out of the store while rebuking me "Sanjana, even I am not as excited as you are. Save some excitement for the time when baby arrives."

"My excitement is never going to fade." I grumbled in a sour tone.

"I will ask you the same after a year and would like to hear your response. Raising a kid is not easy. It takes immense patience, sleepless nights and what not."

"In front of my baby's smile all this will be nothing." I was not ready to agree with her.

"It is but it does not take away from the fact that it takes a village to raise a kid. Let's not talk about it further. Kirti needs your help in selecting some jewellery. Let's head there."

"For now, I will listen to you. But that does not mean I agree with you.

"I can see why you are an IAS Officer, you have the confidence to be committed to what you feel right and you still listen to the others opinion."

"But Akshay says in personal life I am impul

rom a simple warning.


So, we have brought rasmalai (an Indian sweet dish), faluda (another dessert), peri-peri fries, pizza, garlic bread and coldrink. It was my amazing idea to get some fast food for myself. I can't wait to devour it all.

Kirti and I laid down everything. While Kirti waited for everyone to arrive, I did not care for the manners and was full on devouring delicacies before Akshay comes.

And he came only to find my mouth stuffed with more than half slice of pizza and cheese dripping down from my lips. What can I say it was my favourite pizza - veggie loaded cheese spicy pizza. It had toppings of olives, jalapenos, bell pepers, baby corn, onion, tomato and a hell lot of cheese.

But to my astonishment, he just shook his head at me and wiped my lips. I was gaping at him with my mouth full of food. Gross.

"Eat slowly, the food is not going to run."

"Are you sick?" I blurted out without thinking.

"I was just kidding. I am very thankful for your generosity, your majesty."

"You and your antics." He said while helping himself with a slice.

Life is so blissful when you can find happiness in sweet moments with your family.


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