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   Chapter 49 Cravings

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Updated: 2019-10-21 13:35

Sanjana's POV:

I woke up from the best sleep of my life only to find space beside me cold and empty.

Where is Akshay? I thought to myself as I get out of the bed only to realize I am hungry. I can find Akshay later, first I need food. Some spicy and salty food. My mouth watered at the thought of some spicy Paanipuri.

I freshened up quickly and went downstairs.

"Amrita, Ask someone to bring me plates of spicy Paanipuri, make sure it is from roadside stall not some fancy hotel." I quickly asked her while reaching for the pantry to take out some chilli flavoured chips.

"Ma'am, I will ask Neil to get you this as soon as possible." She chirped and went away while I smiled widely at her.

Mila and Geetanjali Bhabhi came to kitchen after sometime to prepare dinner only to find me stuffing whatever I can get my hands on.

"Sanjana, do you want something specific for dinner?" Geetanjali Bhabhi asked.

"Yes, please make some spicy Chole-Rice." I told, mouthful.

"You can swallow first and then can tell, no need to be in so much rush." Mila Bhabhi mildly reprimanded me while I just grinned at her foolishly.

After stuffing some good amount of chips, some frozen acai berries, raspberries and goji berries, I was content for the time being.

After I was full, I remembered Akshay, where is he?

"Bhabhi, where is Akshay?" I asked Geetanjali Bhabhi.

"He is with Mummy Ji outside in the  back garden." As soon as she replied I was out of my chair to on my way to back garden.

Akshay and Mummy Ji were in some deep discussion, I did not paid any heeds to that and occupied the seat next to Akshay while plugging in my earphones listening to Elvis Presley. Both of them glanced over me - just shook their head at me and went back to their discussion.

I snuggled into Akshay as

t to waste my precious nerves while talking to you." He responded, his pitch not changing, the tone of the voice was same rough and business-like, his usual. Just his word more poisonous.

"As if, I am dying to talk to you." I was not paying attention while walking and I was about to trip on a stone when Akshay steadied me.

"If you pay more attention to your walking, then fighting with me. It will better for both of us." He mumbled while helping me stand straight.

"Sorry." I muttered and carefully walk inside the house.

Once I was inside, I deposited the dishes in the sink and helped Mila and Geeta Bhabhi in setting the dinner table.


Everyone was here for dinner, so was the wicked witch of West- you guessed it right--one and only Ahaana.

I mean why I have to see her face. I was already enough irritated for the day by Akshay, why I have to see her ugly face.

I mentally murdered her, not realising that I have tightly gripped my spoon. Akshay opened my wrist and take the spoon away.

"It is not running anywhere." He muttered while caressing my palm to ease the muscles of hand.

All my irritation for him went out of the window with his just one loving gesture.


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