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   Chapter 47 Ambushed

Abhor & Amour By Scarlettangel111 Characters: 6254

Updated: 2019-10-21 13:32

Goa, India

Sanjana's POV:

We were ambushed in the hotel's corridor by Rakesh and four of his men. How the hell did they enter here? Akshay has told me that he had notified the hotel staff to not let Rakesh enter the hotel premises.

Jai, Kirti Di and I were surrounded by Rakesh and his men. I tried not to let the fear I was feeling to be seen on my face but the same cannot be said for Kirti Di.

"Long time, Kirti." Rakesh taunted while smirking and closing in on us.

"Stay where you are." Jai warned while pulling out his weapon - A Smith & Wesson Model 60 Revolver.

As soon as, the gun was revealed, Rakesh's men also pulled out their weapons. I ambiguously glanced at the spot where I had seen a CCTV, it was not there.

" What are your intentions?" Jai asked seemingly unfazed by the 4 guns pointed at him. The same could not be said for Kirti Di and me. I consider myself pretty strong and courageous but in front of the guns, I was afraid. I don't know whether that fear was for myself or the life I was nurturing.

"Nothing much, just take Akshay Singhania's wife and sister as hostages and negotiate some terms with him." Rakesh replied amusingly. A disgusting smirk pasted on his lips. He was just above average in looks but right now looking at his face makes me want to puke.

" Over my dead body." Jai growled while readying his stance for fight.

" That can be arranged. " Rakesh signalled his men to make a move. It was at that point my courage acted again and a realisation hit me hard

"Stop. Jai put the weapon down. He has help from insider not just hotel staff as you must have guessed it." I let my explanation be brief and faced Rakesh.

"A match of Akshay Singhania. No doubt you are his wife." Rakesh said while gazing at me lecherously from head to toe. His gaze was as disgusting as he was. I regret wearing this body hu

pping from my eyes. It was when Akshay reached out to wipe them I realised was crying.

"I am sorry." I quietly whispered to him. He did not said anything but just hugged me and it was more than enough for me to know that he did not held it against me. Sometimes gestures convey more than words can ever define and I was very grateful for this gesture of his.

I felt that the love I had for this man multiplied a few times because when a woman loves she does not need money, grand presents or anything as such, she just needs love, security and respect from her lover. Women are more matured, more sensitive and emotional. This is sometimes seen as a weakness but thats what it makes them strong enough to gave birth to a new life because a woman's love, a mother's love and all the relation she is bound to in a lifetime she gaves it all, especially to the relation of a mother.

I was dragged out from my thoughts by the approaching sound of helicopter. Mila Bhabhi and Avantika were already on board. Akshay helped me climb and put on the safety belts and headphones.

Mila bhabhi reached over to briefly hug me and Kirti Di. Same with Avantika. And with that we were going back to Singhania Mansion. My house, my safe haven.


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