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   Chapter 40 Weird Sanjana

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Updated: 2019-10-21 12:57

Singhania's Mansion


Ahaana's POV:

What this both husband and wife think of themselves?

Akshay, just because he is a powerful businessman does not mean that he can play with anyone's life. And his wife, that Sanjana is just as arrogant as him.

I will make sure to break them apart, then, I will see what will happen to that Sanjana's so called love which she is so proud of?

I will make them pay for every insult they have thrown at me and then they will be crying and I will be reminscing in the joy of trampling THE AKSHAY SINGHANIA.

Just wait and watch, Singhania

Sanjana's POV:

It is almost the time for Kirti di's wedding and we will be leaving for Venice in a week. Everything for the wedding is going as per schedule.

Akshay is working overtime to sort out his calender for his sister's wedding. The long week celebration will require his 10 days, so he is busy clearing up his schedule of that period.

I am helping Kirti Di in shopping and planning as I have pretty good taste. I am not boasting in vain. That's what everyone said.

"Sanjana, what are you doing?" Mila bhabhi asked me while packing some gifts.

"I am sorting out wardrobe for Kirti's honeymoon." I said while yawning.

"You are tiring yourself again. Are you not sleeping well?" Mila bhabhi asks concerned.

"No, I am sleeping very well. In fact, nowadays I sleep as soon as I hit the bed and wake up quite late." I muttered. Because of me sleeping like a log I have not even had a proper conversation with Akshay.

"You are overworking yourself and you are not taking care of your diet. You need to eat and rest well." Mila bhabhi scolded me.

Overworking myself, as if I have been so lazy nowadays that I don't even work about half of what I used to do earlier. Eat more, if I want to turn into a buffalo, I will. But the amount of food I am gobbling every two hours will make sure to turn me into a hippo, if not soon then in a few months.

Whatever, I need to sort out clothes for Kirti Di's one month long honeymoon. And, again I was busy in packing and napping.

Akshay has messaged me to that he will be home by 9. It was 8, I had dinner and I wa

said while rolling her eyes.

"Whatever." I muttered and took my leave.

Sanjana's POV:

Today, I woke up at 10, much later than other days. I need to visit doctor in upcoming days that's for sure.

The amount of food I am eating and the time eriod I am sleeping for is definitely not normal. The frequent backaches are also a problem for me.

What the heck is wrong with me?

My train of thoughts was disturbed my mother.

"The Queen is finally awake. Should I bring breakfast in bed for you, your Highness?" My mother sarcastically muttered.

The idea of breakfast in bed is not that bad.

"Sanjana, what is wrong with you nowadays?" She asked while checking my forehead.

"You don't have fever." She muttered.

"I don't know, mumma. I am feeling way too tired nowadays." I said while trying my hardest to leave the coziness of bed.

"There is nothing wrong with you, you have just became lazy. I am sending some tea for you. Drink that and come downstairs." With that she left the room muttering about incompetent little me. I pouted to myself.

In our household, my mom was the strict one and my dad is cool and chill. She is always scolding us all including Dad.

The only one whom she could not scold is Akshay, other than him she has scolded almost everyone in the house.

I laughed at my silly thoughts and left for the bathroom not knowing that the coming tomorrow will bring joys of life in our house.


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