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   Chapter 38 Ahaana strikes

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Updated: 2019-10-21 12:52

Singhania's Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

I had cooked a very delicious meal for my husband and he loved it. Sometimes, the small gestures can give you so much happiness that you can't even comprehend it fully.

Being with Akshay gives me immense happiness and I guess that what love is. It is happiness but it also comes with many emotions: pain, betrayal, anger and sometimes sadness.

It is part and parcel of every relationship, just the intensity of each emotions is different with every relationship.

And it was not known to me that I was going to feel each one of these emotions and that too in full intensity.

"Where are you lost?" Asked Akshay while taking seat beside me in the living area.

"I am thinking about Love." I answered while smirking slighlty at him.

He uneasily shifted in his seat and asked "What about it?"

"I don't want my husband to get any more uncomfortable, so I would rather not discuss." I caressed his hair. It is as always smooth. I have tried using his shampoo and my hair was just as it was before. I am not saying I have bad hair but it is not pantene commercial worthy as his.

"So much care for him, huh?" He asked while playing with fingers of my hand. Same one with which I was caressing his hair. He does not like messing it up while outside bedroom.

"Yes, most in the world. Jealous?" I asked while trying to defeat him in finger fight which is just wasting the effort.

"Very. I wish I had someone who cared for me that much?" He played along.

"You have me." And was where the whole mood was ruined because someone decided to butt in without knowing the whole conversation.

And that someone was none other than wicked witch of the west Ahaana.

"The one who will have someone as caring as you would be the unluckiest person in whole world." I muttered under my breath but Akshay heard it and he burst laughing.

"Oh God, baby. That was just savage." He said in betw

you. I made a mistake, please forgive me."  Ahaana confessed while hugging him.

I stood behind the door listening to her, confessing her love for my husband. I had a clear view of them and seeing her so close to my Akshay tore my heart out.

Akshay push her away. I screamed in my head. Begging him to not to do something which will break my heart, which will tore me to pieces, which will leave me scarred forever.

And when he hugged her back, it was when I felt the pain of heartbreak.

The pain was so unbearable that it almost made me gasp out loud. Tears of anguish were flowing from my eyes and heart. I was crying for the love I had for him but there was still a hope that my Akshay will not betray me.

"And I don't feel anything for you. Not even dislike because it will give you some worth in my life which you don't have and don't deserve." When he said that the pain in my heart turned into love and respect for him. The tears of anguish were now tears of joy. I hastily wiped my tears and left from there.

I composed myself and came downstairs.

"Sanjana, where is Akshay?" Asked Ma.

"He is coming." I have just said the words and Akshay appeared on the threshold of the stairs, he sauntered down like the King he is.

He truly is my King and my Heart.


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