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   Chapter 36 Babies on Sanjana's mind

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CEO's Office, Singhania Corporation

Sanjana's POV:

"Sanjana, have you sold your brain somewhere?" Ask an exasperated Akshay.

I glanced at Alex and Ahaana. Alex was genuinely ignoring us but Ahaana was acting to ignore us.

"No, today you were angry and I was a teeny-weeny scared of you.... When he gave me glare... Okay, I was scared a lot. - I promptly corrected myself.- So, I started thinking of scenarios when you will be afraid of me and I realised that you will be afraid only when I will be giving birth to devil's spawns."

"Sanjana.." Akshay shouted.

"Did I say Devil's spawns... I meant our cute beautiful babies." I giggled nervously at the end.

"We will discuss our baby later. First, let us discuss your association with NGO."

"Sure, let's do this." I said and sauntered towards Akshay and his expression clearly says what the hell is she doing now?

I ignored him and placed myself in his lap. He did not said anything but shaked his head a little at me.

Alex was polite enough to not openly gape at us, while Ahaana's expression was between gaping and crying.

Yeah, bitch. He is mine. I smugly thought to myself and snuggled into Akshay more.

Akshay snaked his arm around my waist and adjusted me in a more comfortable position. I still have a question in my mind, what Alex and Ahaana doing here?

Which my baby soon enough answered. "Sanjana, Ahaana will give you few lessons to help you learn ropes of non-profit organisation's working and Alex will be working closely with you, as he will also be an associate with NGO."

And for the next fifteen minutes both Ahaana and Alex put their idea, while Akshay must have listened, I was lost in fantasy of having a baby. I might have said it initially on whim but now when I am thinking about it, I want a baby with Akshay.

"What are you thinking about?" Akshay whispered in my ear. I suddenly realised tha

ing on his phone. Most probably orders to his minions.

"Akshay?" I said and he hummed.

"What you used to enjoy most during your childhood?" I asked him.

"I guess spending time with mum." He responded without thinking.

"You are such a Mama's boy. I hope our baby boy will be aslo like you. My boy." I teased him.

"Who said we are having a boy first? We are having a princess first." His whole attention now on our discussion. His phone discarded.

"No, a baby boy first then a baby girl." I said emphasising on first.

"Oh no, Mrs. Singhania. We are having a babygirl first and she is going to be my pride, my strength and my angel." Akshay said with so much love for her even when she is not even in remote existence, I felt jealous of her.

"You are going to be a great father." I said while caressing his cheek.

"I will try to be best for my princess." He muttered while gazing at me.

"And you will." I asserted while kissing him softly on his mouth.

The love I felt for him overwhelming me.

"Akshay, I love you." I choked out through heaviness of my emotions. He did not said anything but kissed me on my forehead and whispered "One day."

I slept blissfully in his arms. Unaware that this bliss was to be accompanied by pain.


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