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   Chapter 35 Akshay's bright mind snaps

Abhor & Amour By Scarlettangel111 Characters: 6943

Updated: 2019-10-21 12:48

Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

"Akshay?" I asked when he was just leaning against the car and not saying anything.

"Sanjana, give me a minute." He muttered and again was lost in his thoughts. His fingers drumming the surface of the car and I can tell by the way his eyes were squinted something sinister was cooking in his devilish mind.

His eyes brightened all of sudden and he has everything planned out to make someone's life hell.

"Sanjana, I want you to start a NGO for protecting women's rights." He stated leaving me dumbfounded. This is not what I anticipated.

"Why a NGO? Singhania Corporation already has different department for social welfare." I asked confused.

"That is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility. This is something else." He muttered.

"Ok, let's consider this for a minute. Me being an IAS officer, can be associated with NGO but it should not hinder my work in any possible capacity and the government needs to be kept in loop of all the plausible causes I will be involved with." I stated.

"I am aware and that's what I want. The founder will be Singhania Corporation and you will join in capacity of advisor and the first case you will be handling will be of Kirti." Akshay instructed and at the same time indicate his guards to get his car and in few seconds he was gone.

His plan to trap Rakesh is undoubtedly top notch and I have to give him he is smart. He will not be directly involved. He is using my position of being an IAS officer to culminate Rakesh out of his way.

I came back inside and found everyone sitting silently. The terror of Akshay. I tell you.

"What he wanted to talk about?" Asked Mummy Ji. Ahaana was paying close attention to me.

"Nothing, something about CSR and all that stuff." I muttered emitting out the main parts.

"Oh! He can work along with my NGO - Believe Green." Ahaana exclaimed jumping.

Bitch please. As if that is going to happen.

"He is not planning that." I said while glaring at her.

"And how do you know that?" She asked.

"We have already di

nsides and I was scared of him, much more than initial days of my marriage.

And I suddenly realized that I have never seen the actual ruthless Akshay Singhania. The level of his ruthless with his family and his business associates or any one else for the matter is very different.

The onky thought that came to my mind at that time was to run from here but the brave Sanjana decided to come out at this very second.

"I am not scared of you." I tried to mutter fearlessly but it came way too timidly. I cursed my self.

"I can see that. To my office." And with that he left Claire and me.

I sagged against the reception bar. The atmosphere lightened as soon as he left.

"Claire, what I am going to do?" I moaned out.

"I am leaving." With that she picked her things and ran out from there as if hellhounds were chasing her.

I am not scared of him. He is my husband. He should be scared of me. Ha, as if that's ever going to happen, sneered my conscience at me.

That can only happen when you will be giving births to spwans of devil, the thought entered my mind.

And I stupidly barged into Akshay's office and asked out loud "Akshay, how about we have a baby?" Not noticing Alex and that wicked witch of west Ahaana sitting there.

How the heck this bitch reached before me? I questioned to myself not noticing the dumbfounded look on their faces.


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