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   Chapter 34 Wedding Prep

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Updated: 2019-10-21 12:44

Sanjana's POV:

After that rat escapade, Akshay and I enjoyed fully. We went to this lake, there, we enjoyed a quite picnic. It was without doubt one of the best days of my life. I feel much closer to Akshay now.

We are going back to Singhania Mansion. But this time its Alex who is driving and Akshay is back to his workaholic self and I am random shuffling through social media.

"Alex, we will be at Singhania Mansion by..?" I questioned.

"In an hour, Ma'am." He answered.

"Sanjana Please." I muttered.

"Sanjana." He exclaimed and get back to his driving.

"By the way, its only 20 days left for Kirti's wedding. Where is it gonna take place?" I questioned Akshay while poking him in his arm.

"Italy." He muttered.

"Where in Italy?" I questioned again.

"Where were you when this all was being discussed?" Akshay questioned.

"I am working woman. I was at my office." I stated. When he glared at me "I know its taking place in Venice. I was just riling you for fun." I explained apologetically.

We reached home in the evening. Everybody was discussing the plans for Kirti's wedding.

"Is not Akshay overtaking wedding planning? He usually overtakes everything." I shouted excitedly.

When nobody laughed and Akshay stared at me impassively, I muttered "Bad joke."

Kirti planned and we all listened. Akshay's personal assistant Claire and wedding planner were taking notes and I was sitting idly listening to all the chatter.

Suddenly, I remembered all the moments I had spent with Akshay in past two days. I did not realise that I was foolishly smiling to myself. Ma shook me hard and I returned to mortal realm from my lala land.

"What is it, Ma?" I questioned.

"Where were you lost. I have been calling you from past 5 minutes." She responded shaking her head at me.

"I was thinking about heels I have to buy." I stupidly said the first thing that came to my mind.

"I am going to throw all your damn heels one day." No points guessing there, that this was my mother.

"Enough. Don't tease her anymore. She is tired already." And this was Akshay, who for a change instead of enjoying my misery was taking my side.

"Baby, go rest. You are tired anyways.

with?" I questioned her while folding my arms.

"How dare you insult my daughter?" And that was Mrs. Goenka.

By now, everybody was downstairs for morning tea.

"Did I say sonething wrong, Mrs. Goenka? If you all are asking Kirti for doing all this nonsense, then why not ask your daughter for the same? Why this hypocrisy, just because of a tag of divorcee?" I was super angry and I blurted everything that came to my mind.

"There are some unwritten laws of society which you will not understand. You have this ghost of modernisation sitting on your shoulders." This was Dadi.

"Dadi, I value our culture as much as every other Indian women but I am not a supporter of the things which have been expired already." I said to her in a sickly sweet voice.

"SANJANA, Is this the way to talk to your elders. Is this what I have taught you?" This was my mother.

"Look at your mannerless..." Dadi was not able to finish her sentence as the sound of china clay broking filled the room.

"Enough." One word not shouted but voiced out with so much power that everybody shut their trap.

"How long will all this drama keep going on? I have made myself clear that no such rituals will happen and in the future I don't want this kind of incident again." Akshay spoke so gravelly in his business tone that everybody agreed eagerly. After few seconds, when everybody settled, Akshay called out. "Sanjana, see me out." I nodded at him and followed him out.


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