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   Chapter 27 Sanjana is in trouble

Abhor & Amour By Scarlettangel111 Characters: 4632

Updated: 2019-10-21 12:10

Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

My family will be here in Singhania Mansion in next 15 minutes and I have not come up with a single idea as to why they are suddenly being moved to Mumbai.

I knew for a matter of fact that minions of Akshay Singhania are not going to open their damn mouth even if someone's life is on stake. They will parrot their uasual response." We are just following orders."

I just want to throttle Akshay. He always finds way to get me in trouble and irritate me.

I am sitting in hall mindlessly watching tv when suddenly Ma switched the screen off.

"Sanjana your family will be here in 10 minutes and you are watching tv. Go check if everything is ready for their stay."Ma scowled at me.

"Yeah, yeah I am going." I muttered and go on to check if guest rooms were readied or not.

Everything was perfect. The rooms have been recently cleaned. The sheets and curtains were changed. And they looked ready out of a home decor magazine.

As soon as I finished checking the rooms a helper came and informed me that my family has arrived.

I was about to go down when I remembered that I was wearing jeans. My mother will kill me if she sees me like this, so I make a mad dash to my room and haphazardly throw a saree in 5 minutes.

When I reached downstairs my family has already made themselves comfortable.

"Here she is." Ma smi

m and my family which mattered to me but now a more important person is addes to that list and it is my wife.

Sanjana: I don't know when she became an integral part of my life but she did.

She is beautiful, intelligent, strong and most importantly independent.

I never knew that after my past I will again have feelings for someone but here I am.

I will not say that I love her. I care for her deeply. I enjoy irritating her. I enjoy our little banters.

She is not perfect but then no one is perfect. Her imperfections make her perfect. Her one quality qhich I don't like is that she is impulsive.

And that leads her to do things which she regrets later. But I guess she will learn with time that it can lead to serious reprecussions for her.

I closed my laptop when I realised that I will not be able to get done any work and with that I made way to our room.

And when I opened the door.....


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