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   Chapter 26 Singhania's Past

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Singhania Mansion


General's POV:

After Sanjana's dramatic exit, the whole Singhania family was tensed.

Akshay was on the verge of exploding. Sensing the state of his mind Nilanjla hugged him.

"Don't do something which you will regret later." She softly murmured in his ear.

After few seconds when he calmed down, his brother Ketan handed him a file containing all information about Rakesh. He immediately scanned the content of the file and a devious smile appeared on his face.

When he turned to leave, Nilanjla stopped him "Akshay before doing something just have a civilized talk with Sanjana."

"Do you seriously think that- that woman is capable of civilized talk?" He gritted out.

"Just try to talk." Nilanjla muttered ignoring him.

Sanjana's POV:

I am enraged at Akshay. He has power does not mean that he can abuse it to destroy the life of innocents. I will be damned if I let him harm my friend.

I am so angry at him for being secretive, uncoperative and insulting. And what problem does he have with my friend's fiancee. But the most important question is that how the Akshay Singhania knows a normal middle class man leading a quite life in Delhi?

As soon as thought striked my mind I knew that I was wrong with my uncalled argument with Akshay. I hurriedly left our room to find him and clear everything. I was in hallway when I came face to face with the Devil himself.

Seeing him enraged I sent a quick pray to every God out there to protect me.

"Akshay..." I started but was cut off by him.

"Not now, Sanjana." He growled and turned to leave from there. I held his hand and hugged him hard from back.

"I am sorry." I muttered quitely.

When his tensed body relaxed I knew that he had heard me.

"You test my patience every damn second, Sanjana." He muttered half- annoyed and half-amused.

"Wives' first duty." I humored him.

"Mhmm." He mumbled and turned so that he can take me in

ly settle in and while you are at it make some story so that they are not suspicious." He ordered and after that dismissed me with a wave of his hand.

The gall of this man. Okay, he can get away this time but only this time as he is protecting my family.

"What about my friend and her family?" I asked.

"They will be shifted to a hotel and my security team will ensure no harm comes to them. Go now and let me work." He answered irritated with me.

I imitated him and left from there.

Now, I understand that why Akshay is given so much importance in his family. I know he has not given all the details but I have an idea what would have happened.

I kind of also understand why he is the way he is. He thinks when you get attached to someone the chances of betrayal are increased that is why he is so hell bent on security around all family members and himself.

As long as Akshay is there, I know that Rakesh and Ritesh will not be able to harm our families.

Now, I will have to come up with a story to convince my family why they are suddenly shifted here. Even if I come up with most amazing story out there, it will be useless because any person with normal IQ would be able to figure out something is going on.

I will kill that Akshay. He has let me in such grave situation.


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