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   Chapter 25 Akshay got a clue

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

I am reminiscing the lunch with Ritesh Dhananjay at Singhania Mansion. It was not a quite affair at all.

Akshay did not left any chance to mock the guy. He was so uncomfortable by the end of it that he rushed out of Singhania Mansion as if he a fire was set on him.

In last few days I have noticed that Nivaana is trying too hard to attract Akshay towards her. What the heck is her problem. Can't she see that he is a married man and what is she still doing at my house?

Anyway it is time to steer her clear of my husband. I am not gonna tolerate it anymore. Enough is enough. With determined steps I make my way to guest bedroom which she has claimed as her own.

I was about to enter when I heard her talking on the phone. It was not my intention to eavesdrop but she was talking either to Ritesh or about Ritesh. So, I hid myself and listened to her.

Turns out she was telling about what happened to her mother. Am I the only one who has no clue who the hell Ritesh Dhananjay is and how is he related to Singhania family?

Even internet was not able to help me in this. The content was removed due to privacy rights violation. I am cent percent sure that it is the handiwork of none other than Akshay Singhania itself.

I can extract some information from Nivaana about Ritesh. This way even Akshay will not be able to find out what I am upto and I will have my curiosity satisfied.

I knocked the door after she has hanged up.

"Hey Nivaana, I was wondering would you like to come for shopping with us?" I asked her sweetly.

"Even Ma is tagging along." I added seeing indecision on her face. Obviously she is not gonna let any opportunity to impress Ma go.

"Yeah sure, around what time will be we leaving?" She enquired.

"We will leave around 3 ." With that I left her room with a sweet smile on my face.


Alex's POV:

I am in Mr. Singhania office waiting for him to finish his conference meeting.

"Alex, any updates?" He demanded raising a brow at me.

"No Sir. No activity of the suspects." I briefly informed.

"I see. Is Mrs. Singhania under scrutiny?" He enquired. A strange curiousity can be seen in his eyes.

Sanjana is a trouble but she is good for Akshay. She is headstrong, opioninated and commands respect.

"Yes, Sir." I mumbled.

"What is she upto this time?" He demanded with a tired sigh.

"She is buttering Ms. Jha for some reason."

"Keep an eye on her and if situation goes out of hand inform me. I think its time I should myself tell her." He ordered and

o marry when I will be done with him." Akshay asserted.

The heck he is talking about. I am not gonna let him destroy life of my friend.

"You are doing no such thing. Kripna has got her happiness after so long and I will be damned if I let you destroy her happiness." I cried out.

"Let me see what are you going to do?" He arrogantly announced.

I immediately searched for my phone, when I found it I dialled kripna's number.

"I will make sure she is out of Delhi before you reach her." I fiercely announced and wait for the call to get connected.

In a snap of a second the phone was taken out from my hands and thrown against wall.

Akshay grabbed my jaw hard making me whimper.

"Nobody can stop me from getting that damned man. Nobody." Enough is enough. He has kept so many secrets from me and I have not said anything but now I am not going to stay silent.

I grabbed his hand and removed it.

"Don't even dare to lay your hand on me next time. And I am going to see how are you going to stop me from getting them safe out of not only Delhi but this country as well." I spat at him.

"Get ready to lose, Mrs. Singhania." He challenged.

"Don't forget Mr. Singhania that I am fighting for my friend. If I can go against my own husband for her, then I can also make sure thay my husband does not come in between of her safety."

"You may be fighting for your friend but I am fighting against evil." He countered.

"Do pray tell what evil, Mr. Singhania?" I asked. When he stayed silent I countered.

"Not got any answer. You are just trying to satisfy your ego by pinning him as evil and let's see who will win." With that I left from their determined to ensure my friend's safety.


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